WGMG XXV: With All Due Respect


You know, sometimes it’s hard for people to take me seriously. Even those closest to me find themselves doubting my stability and my consistency as a creator, an entrepreneur, a businessman, even as a writer. I mean I have given twenty four offerings of my thoughts and my personal life without hesitation and still are not seen or treated as person of creativity. Now I am not a bitter person and I have forgiven those that tried to discourage me and treat me as lower class but I have not forgotten. That’s why I am taking this twenty-fifth entry back to the rant heavy, joke filled, NSFW rhetoric that made the people jaws drop down to the floor before throwing their heads back in laughter. Sometimes you remind people of the world you come from and in my world we get down-right dirty and disrespectful at times to hit the public with the absolute truth. So if you’re not used to having a sense of humor then, with all due respect, this is really going to be one hell of an experience for you. For those of you that have been consistent readers of the WGMG series, then thank you my fellow “Grinders” because this is for you.

First off, let’s clear some awkward air with a light hearted joke to set the mood:

How do you turn a Cobra into a rattle snake?

Give it to Michael J. Fox.


414MfnKrOsL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)You know what really grinds my gears? Whenever I hear people talk about when “America used to be great” to me. How stupid can you really be to make a statement like that to someone that isn’t of a Caucasian background? It’s one of the most ridiculous statements ever used that presents the true ignorance of the person that said it and actually meant it. I’ve had people actually talk to me and say this idiotic line to me as if I would ever agree with them. “Oh hell yeah, I loved being treated and referred to as less than one fifth of a human being. Nobody beats on minorities like they used to back in the good old days. Back then, they didn’t pussy foot around. They put some stank on it!” When was it great for everyone to be an American? At what point did the hatred stop and the harmony between races begin? Was it between one of my naps or bathroom breaks? In the 90’s me and many others still encountered racism and profiling for our skin color and racial heritage. 80’s were still bad for me and others with the gang violence and drugs being pumped in the communities, plus more racism and sexism. 70’s were still bad for minorities but people hardly remember because of the heavy drugs and police beating our asses. And any decade before that, not killing any minorities made you look soft and weak. So when exactly was it great and for whom are you referring to as it being great for? If I was to say it, I would honestly be referring to before 1492 because after that, it pretty much sucked for people like me of color and different races, regardless of whether you want to acknowledge that or not. You know who says that a lot? Donald Trump. He is one of those people that think because he doesn’t publicly say he’s a racist then no one can truly consider him a racist. Unfortunately, those kinds of people are in fact the biggest racists on the planet. When Trump said what he said about the immigrants from the Mexican border, black people were not surprised because we’ve already been down this road with Trump when he went after 3TLU0mTPresident Obama and almost crossed that line before the POTUS made an example out of him publicly, even though some of the ones offended most by Trumps recent comments weren’t as critical of Trump back when his attention was on the POTUS. I didn’t forget and neither did others, so when I mean this with all due respect when I say if Trump does end up in the White House it is more your fault than his supporters because you had the signs of his potential ignorance before your very eyes 7 years ago and gave him a pass because you didn’t choose to think about it before hand. With all due respect, your reluctance to act makes you as useless as Michael J. Fox playing a game of Jenga with Dwayne Johnson in the director’s cut of San Andreas.


Speaking of films, is it me or are you tired of Marvel mind fucking us every summer with each film. Don’t get me wrong I find their films entertaining up until someone has to die. I get these great characters that become larger than life on the screen only to die in a traditional dramatic fashion of epic proportions just so you can feel the loss. Then out of nowhere it’s like the Marvel team is drunk on their own Jesus juice and Quaaludes because they get the urge to play God and resurrect whoever whenever however they please. Don’t know what I mean? I’ll list them for you and if you’re not big on the Marvel universe get your scrolling finger ready because this contains some major spoilage;

  1. In the Avengers, Agent Carlson was killed as a way to inspire The Avengers to avenge his death and dream of a team of the mightiest super heroes assembled. Only to be brought back to life for a TV show and a back story of being nursed back to health in bunker somewhere. The man had an entire scepter stuck through his chest cavity like a British soldier at a Zulu Nation barbecue. You don’t walk out of a hospital with a wound like that!

  2. Loki was killed twice in both Thor movies and yet he managed to bounce back faster than a Kardashian sister in the Lakers locker room.

  3. Groot had the greatest death on screen and yet he came back as a dancing Bonsai tree at the very end.

  4. Even Nick Fury got shot up like Tupac outside of Circus Circus and managed to pop up alive funny-Marvel-movies-logic-deathsand well with several mixtapes ready to go for the Winter Soldier. Whatever, f**k you!

Marvel doesn’t take death seriously at all in their movies and don’t even get me started on any of the other films because, with all due respect, I could go for on hours like Michael J. Fox trying to get his Etch-A-Sketch to keep his drawing on the screen so look over here and see it for yourself how much they give a shit about your concept of death.


I read that Miley Cyrus was upset with how Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar are considered better role article-2624900-1DB8332C00000578-752_634x448models than her. I do remember her not wanting to be considered a role model anymore that’s why she started licking dirty hammers, dropping her draws and twerking for anyone in a Beetlejuice costume. Miley Cyrus shouldn’t be pissed off at the way she’s portrayed in the public light. You show your taters off whenever, you show off your vajayjay, you sing your songs in front of an arena riding a giant dildo, you helped break up Robin Thicke’s marriage. I mean if we were tallying up a score for the music industry’s best imagesportrayed whore, Miley would have ran 2014 after finally dethroning Lil’ Wayne and beating Rihanna by 6 votes. The thing that kills me about these some of these music industry thirst buckets is that they’re always coming out of nowhere to kick up some media attention by comparing themselves to other artist that are currently popular at the moment. For the whole summer, nobody and I do mean no fucking body was even talking about Miley being a viewed as a whore or an unfit role model. We sort of beat taylor-and-kendrick--1431936128-hero-promo-0that horse dead the moment she smoked Salvia on camera and she even ran with it herself to break that Disney image once and for all. Now it’s a problem all because of some corny ass Taylor Swift video with a bunch of leather clad child stars doing shit in slow motion while Kendrick Lamar tries to fight the urge not to laugh his way Bank for being featured on a song that will be big on the billboard for no reason even though, in reality, it would have been the weakest diss record towards another music industry artist until Meek Mill chewed off his on dick and decided to record that constipated response towards Drake in the form of “Wanna Know” with it still lodged in his mouth. With all due respect, if anyone compared Meek to an artist, it had to be a syphilitic half goat, half man with Tourettes Syndrome that scats to Al Jerreau’s greatest hits.


With all due respect, we all know Bill Cosby did that shit way before he confessed it.

comics-reggi-live-relationship-902829 (1)


We are all going to have to just accept that everyone is different, no matter what you’re used to. If all races Caitlyn-Jennerneed to start having more of a sense of humor about our race and racial injustices, then the LGBT community should have a sense of humor about theirs… Including Caitlyn Jenner. Being treated as equals sometimes means they have to embrace all the things that come with that territory of putting yourself out there as a face of something not yet understood. Every race, religion had to go through the fire and take the lumps and ridicule and Bruce knew reneethis before he made his decision to transition to Caitlyn. Is Caitlyn Jenner brave? Yes, of course she is. Nothing changes that in my eyes. Anyone willing to go through this knowing the obstacles facing them on this journey is brave to see it through no matter when they decide to do it. Does she deserve an award for that? Hell to the naw naw naw!! There was a tennis player by the name of Renee Richards that walked that path way before Caitlyn did and she did it during a time when that Caitlyn-Jenner-467was considered unspeakable. She encountered so much backlash for her full transition that she honestly made it easier for there to even be a Caitlyn in the public eye today let alone a transgendered woman in sports today. Nobody really wants to admit this out loud but I’ll say it with all due respect. The main reason Caitlyn is getting so much press is the same reason why the Kardashians have gotten as much exposure over the years, because The E Network is pimping these women to the public for profit. Not many will like that comment or admit that I am right but before we had Caitlyn it would have been common knowledge that that everyone behind the E channel was just a bunch of media pimps with a stable of media whores. Now they have found their Unicorn or Pegasus in Caitlyn Jenner, depending on how you view it, and they know the press will cash out for the chance to get exclusives to her and her family.


I could say more but I’d rather leave room for more to share later on. Beside we are living in the age of worry. This is an age of none of us being promised tomorrow by any means through a random circumstance. I can disappear on a plane, I can fall into a sink hole or I could die at a traffic stop. This is a time where I’m told I need a gun to pray at a church I’ve gone to since I was child. If I want to see “Straight Outta Compton” I’ll know they have security checking people at the door in case someone with a hatred for blacks decides that this is the best opportunity to kill as many blacks until they realize that this kind of audience is the type to shoot back “Hit The Quan” over their dead body… Unless you’re Michael J. Fox. I mean this with all due respect but you all remember what happened the last time we let him tap dance… Well, you all saw what he did to Haiti.




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