A Spice of Life w/ Suga: #LoveWins


lovewins This honestly was a subject I wasn’t going to touch. I’m a say  anything type of person in my life but I don’t like to stir up  much on Brewcity. This I could not keep quiet on though. I  would like to say that I am not a conspiracy theorist but I do  believe in this country that things happen to take your mind off  of the last thing that happened. Now that we are talking about  the right for EVERYONE to get married, a lot of people stopped  talking about the “Charleston 9” and before that we were talking about Rachel Dolezal but I digress. This article is solely my opinion but I do think my Brewcity colleagues will agree with all or some of what I have to say, SO HERE WE GO!

On Friday, June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court gave EVERY person that right to get married in all 50 states. Solovewins1 now a man can marry another man and a woman can now marry another woman. I was asked how I felt about it and I said that I didn’t care. Honestly, in a way I don’t. But I do feel sympathy for the people that have been ridiculed for supporting it and for those that have been fighting for this right. For all my life I have considered myself a Christian but lately I have questioned how true that is. This Friday lovewins7 confirmed my confusion of my  religious beliefs. Now I do agree with things that are in the Bible about how  we should live. But honestly, we are all doing what we want to do. If there  was one person that did everything according to the Bible, I commend them  but I also don’t know any. To be perfectly honest, if as Christians we are  taught not to judge and that no sin is greater than the other than what are  we doing condemning those that want to marry the same sex? This is the  hypocrisy of Christianity to me. We are all sinning in some form but since  someone is sinning differently than you, you feel you have the right to judge.  I’m sorry but that’s complete BULLSHIT! And this is where I and a lot of Christians differ!

I am an unwed mother who is shacking up with my baby’s father and fornicating all over the place. Now I knowlovewins4 this is wrong but not one person has condemned me for it and you know why? Because most people are doing it! I know holier than though Christians that are fornicating with everybody but sit up and judge that a man wants to marry a man and a woman wants to do the same! This makes me question am I still a Christian because I am totally against this! I feel that as long as you’re not sleeping with the same person I am, I don’t care what you do. Life is about finding happiness. If that happens to be with the same sex then do you! That’s not for me to judge and why should I care. You’re not hurting me. You are living your life the way lovewins13  you want to. There are too many people in this  world afraid to be who they truly are. I take my  hat off to people for being brave enough to live  their truth. A lot of people let religion hold them  back from being themselves and they aren’t  happy. I know what the Bible says but I also  believe that God wants his children to be happy.  People are killing  themselves because they’re  afraid to be happy. That makes  me unbelievably  sad and I’m crying as I write this because  that’s  no way to live. They’re not living and that’s why  they  choose to die. We need to embrace people and even if you  don’t understand, let them know that you still love them.  People have told me they were gay and acted as if they  expected me to stop speaking to them. If you still treat me  right then we’re all good. That’s what matters, these people aren’t changing who they are they’re finally being themselves. Let them get married.

Another thing that cracks me up about this is that in America, marriage doesn’t even appear to be what it used lovewins10to be. It used to seem like a very sacred thing and if that was still true then we wouldn’t have reality shows about people rushing off to get married and there’s too many to even name. Marriage isn’t even all that appealing sometimes but if someone wants to do it anyway, why should they be stopped? If we’re all supposed to be getting judged by God then get out of the way and let God be the judge you keep telling people he is. But people love to try and tell everyone what they’re doing wrong instead of looking at themselves. We are focused on the wrong thing. ALL people should be allowed to have the same rights as everyone else. This is discrimination and it’s wrong. This is what is so wrong with the world! Everyone is trying to control what everyone else is doing.

lovewins6We need to take a look at ourselves and realize  we all are a little too judgmental. What  someone’s sexuality is doesn’t make them bad  people or good people. They just choose to live  their lives differently from you. If we respect  someone else’s religion then why can’t we  respect others sexuality? Love the differences  in people and not ridicule because they’re not the same!


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