A Spice of Life w/ Suga: Recognizing an Unhappy Mate

Can You Recognize an Unhappy Mate?uhm

Life can get pretty hectic at times. Going through the ins and outs you sometimes get so wrapped up in yourself imagesthat your relationship is neglected. There are times when you’re putting others ahead of what’s going on at home. I am saying all this to ask, “Can you recognize if your mate is unhappy?” Most people would say yes but I personally don’t think this is true. Unless your man or woman says they’re unhappy would people even notice it? And even if they said it, what would you do next?

I can’t speak for men because I’m not one but as for a woman I don’t think most men could tell unless they got the silent treatment or attitude. They wouldn’t notice the subtle hints we try to give to say that we want to spend more time with them or need something from the relationship that we’re not getting. Men don’t do subtle but at the same time we women don’t always want to tell men what they should be doing. After a certain amount of time together we honestly feel you should know and you should. If you’re not doing what you did to get us, chances are we are unhappy in some kind of way. But as much as men claim we nag, we try not to beat you over the head with things. We want you to just do. We try not to be your mothers but that’s what you turn us into. No, you’re not mind readers but you should’ve paid enough attention to know certain things.

One situation that will definitely make your woman unhappy is not appreciating us. If we’re home all day withimages (3) the kids and have managed to clean the house and cook you dinner, give us a break. Chances are we haven’t gotten a chance to shower or any kind of time to ourselves. If you come in and barricade yourself in the room, or worse leave back out the door you are asking for a fight! If you ask why something isn’t done but you see the kids running around crazy you are asking to be cussed out. Yes, you’ve worked all day and yes, we appreciate it but we have too. Kids are a full-time job and I haven’t seen many men yet that do it as well as woman.  We are natural multi-taskers. It’s imbedded in us but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to relax sometimes. The biggest turn on is when a man can recognize that his woman needs help and steps up and does it without being asked to. You don’t know what that does to us and it shows you give a damn. A family only works if everyone is helping each other out. We gotta keep each other above water and no one is good to anyone if they’re worn-out and pissed off.

You gotta pay attention to what your significant other is saying and doing. Trust me if you pay attention you will be able to figure out what they need from you. After that you have to act accordingly.




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