A Spice of Life w/ Suga: Space and Why Couples Need It

imagesSpace and Why Couples Need It

I love being in a relationship. I think it’s one of the great things about life, having someone to go through it with you. I love the beauty of having someone that knows you inside and out and yet still wants to be with you. Whether you are up or down, there is someone who is right there with you. There are so many things that help make relationships what they are. One thing that is important in a good relationship is space.

Personally, there are worse things you can do to ruin a relationship but as someone who has witnessed what a lack of spacedownload can do to a relationship I can tell you it can get bad. I will share with you what I witnessed and explain why it happened. I once worked with a guy named Paul. Paul had met a woman named Lisa. They became a couple and he got her hired where we worked at. Then they started attending the same college and he switched his major to hers so they had all their classes together. Not long after, he moved her in with him and his family. I warned him against them being together all the time but he was so in love that he didn’t listen. Well it eventually got back to him that she was hooking up with another guy at work. It crushed Paul and it was sad to see but I wasn’t surprised by it at all. The problem is that they were always together. I mean there was nothing wrong with them working together and even attending the same school but he shouldn’t have changed his major and he shouldn’t have moved her in. People need to breathe! It’s so important to sanity and I think it’s even better for your relationship. You need time to miss one another. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. You can’t be up under each other all the time even though it’s your favorite place to be.

1422542960915In a relationship it is necessary to have your own life. I know that sometimes in the beginning of a relationship you tend to be wrapped up each other and no one else exists but once you get past that, you have to maintain your independence. Your life can’t become all about them and vice versa. Maintain your own friendships and continue to do the things you used to before.  Being together all the time is so suffocating. I mean at some point everything that they do will annoy you. There’s not much to talk about because you were there to witness. One of the joys of a relationship is being able to tell what has happened in each other’s absence but how can you do that if you’re together all the time? You will begin to have the pettiest of fights and your communication will break down and we all know that communication is one of the most important things in ANY relationship.

It’s okay to do things without each other. They can’t possibly like everything you like and it’s the same for you. It’s always good to compromise and do things to make each other happy but that doesn’t have to be together all the time and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your independence.

Enjoy and encourage the differences in each other!


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