A Spice of Life w/ Suga: Ride or Die or Dumb Ass Chick

Ride or Die or Dumb Ass Chick???rod5


I bet you are wondering what has brought this article on. Well most importantly I don’t think a lot of people realize that there is a difference between the two. I bet some aren’t really sure of what category they fall into and if they do at all. I am going to give my personal feelings on the subject so let’s ride!

I personally feel that the phrase “ride or die” was created by a man. I hate the fact that women let men define their roles but that’s just how society seems to work. Now to most people a ride or die is a good type of woman to be. She has your back in almost anything that you do. She’s your number one supporter and fan. Whenever you’re in need of help, she’s always there seeing how she help you out.  She’s down for you more than anyone else, but when does a ride or die become a dumb ass chick?

rod3A ride or die becomes a dumb ass chick when she puts begins to do things for her man that she knows in her heart aren’t right. When what her man needs come before hers and she’s doing things that put her in jeopardy in any form. Definitely anything illegal that you normally wouldn’t do is cause for concern. Now if you do crime yourself than by all means get your Bonnie and Clyde on!

Now I admit I’ve been both which is why I can have my say on it. But there’s always a lesson to be learned in everything we do. I’m good at being a ride or die but I will be no one’s dumb ass chick. If you need some money, I got you! If you need a place to stay, I got you! If you want some dinner, I got you! But what I won’t do is anything that will take me away from my son. You can be as silly as you want for a man, that’s your rod1prerogative but I feel like once you start having kids you have to think differently. There’s someone depending on you to make good decisions and to be around. What good are you to a child if you’re locked up over a man? And I feel that if a man asks you to do something that will take you away from your responsibilities you have to start questioning is that man the right one for you or even a good role model for your children.

You should never do anything that you know puts your character and freedom in jeopardy. Be smart about how much of yourself you give to a man.


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