A Spice of Life w/ Suga: Romance With A Baby

babyloveI love having a kid. I don’t think there’s anything better but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that having a kid causes you to have to change your relationships in some kind of way. I don’t that that’s anymore truer than when you’re in a relationship.

Now that there’s a kid in the mix, romance is definitely different. It’s not as spontaneous as it used to be. We can’t just takeromance off somewhere like we used to. There does take more planning but it’s the sacrifice you make for a child. We probably get more time together than most people do with newborns. Justin’s grandparents are all anxious to have time with him so we get more breaks than most but a lot of time I’d rather be my son at home. There are times where I cancel plans because I’d rather be with him. I obviously can’t do that with Justin’s father. I have seen so many relationships fail because couples aren’t taking time out for each other and are focusing solely on the children.

When we found out we were pregnant this was one of the conversations we had. Now I know you can’t plan everything out but we did promise that we would always make time for each other and not let the other one feel neglected or pushed to the side. I personally feel that Justin needs to see that his parents love each other. I mean that can only benefit him to see a healthy relationship. I am not lovingshy about admitting when I need attention even though I know Justin comes first. We plan date nights and sometimes his grandparents spontaneously want him so those become date nights or rest nights.

We find a way to have quality time every day though. When Justin goes down for a nap or is gone to bed for the evening that is our time to catch each other up on what’s going on and what we need to get done. I won’t lie about sometimes the conversation turns to cute things Justin has done but that’s natural, he’s our baby.

The most important thing is to not forget each other and why you fell in love. It did create a child and you can’t forget that!


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