The Amador Memoirs: Workman’s Comp(rehension)


There is a common misconception that for one to be a hard worker one must stay with one company for set amount of years and be willing to go above and beyond upon their request or something of that sort. I like many of those in today’s workforce are perceived as unemployable, or a high risk employee, for the way our work history pans out.Off the top of my head I can say that I have worked for about 20 employers (give or take) since my first official job at the Hilton downtown Milwaukee. At a tender age of 14, I was dropping trays left and right at some of the most elite functions in the city. Man the pressure was unbearable but the process was like an elegant dance. Since then I have learned and progressed as a man with every job after. So I can full heartedly say no boss man I don’t agree when you say I am high risk.I am the only risk worth taking. Because I have a set of skills and I am prepared to use them.

As a young man work was something I experienced early. My first memories are of handing sockets and tools to my old man. The countless trips to the junkyard and auto part store. Being out in the elements, learning to drive at the age of 10.Man… Listen I have known work for a long time.Being 12, walking in the house at 1 in the morning showering and hitting up some homework before bed was my norm.It kept me out of the streets and kept my mind active.I know I express a lot about the hardships I have had with my dear old man, but hard work is a lesson I hold dear to my heart. It means a lot because he taught me to work like a man. If there is something you can’t do, figure it out. Till this day on a perfect afternoon you can find him at the library making copies of the automotive books. His grind, when it comes to work is something I wish I had the eye for.In his day pops was the man when it came to cars. I gravitated more towards the grunt work. The getting dirty, heavy lifting and things like that.My kid brother is the one who understood the details of cars much better than I. Let me tell you this though, there was nothing better than going to work with pops as a kid and working hard.Even though many times back then I took it for granted.

As I got older and had to begin to work.I will not lie leaving my friends and the pointless bullshit we would do was hard to stay away from.Being with them was all that appealed to me.What can I say my friends where and have always been the shit. In all seriousness, they schooled me more about work than anyone else. While I was running around trying to make sense of my life. They would come in and out always focused on work, or ready to unwind from it. I went through a lot of jobs during that time because I was young. Yet, till this day you can go to any of those places and they will tell you when I showed up to work, I worked.And I owe a lot of that to my brothers.

I finally started to take work serious when I got with my wife.First and foremost, I needed to pay bills now and had a family to maintain. That is when going into work in the morning started to look different. You start to notice the details of being a reliable employee, when you begin to transition into being a reliable mate. Within those details you go through stages.You sometimes start off being great at it and you are that your whole life and you are a freak of nature. Others have to work at it.At this stage my Ambition to do something different with my life started to over my way of thought. I knew I wanted to set an example for my kids. There was just so much I had yet to experience as an employee to be able to pin point the direction I wanted to venture in. I went through a lot of doubt and under appreciation of my worth, and the worth of those teaching me valuable lessons. Yet I think I have it now. I think I comprehend my role as an employee, in an overall operation,with a common objective.

Contrary to popular belief the most rewarding feeling as a man is the feeling of accomplishment you get from putting in work, in any and all aspects of life. Clocking in and being productive becomes a driving force. I have learned to focus on tasks and objectives. Not work place politics or second guessing how to get to point Z from point A. Having a clean and organized work area is key, it reflects in the quality of your work. So, like work, I have come full circle. I will be honest since adapting this simple yet difficult approach my days at work have become more engaging and satisfying. I haven’t always been the most reliable of employees when it comes to getting to work.Is there an excuse for this? No, I am just a very complex individual. Now that I have adapted my qualities I find I am getting the results I want through hard work. Next is getting my health in check. So stay tuned for that venture. To live and not rise upon adversity is a wasted venture. I believe I have what it takes to succeed. All it takes is continued work and sacrifice. So that is why I am the risk worth taking because when I am at work it Is to sharpen my skills through your objectives. I put my abilities to the test. I am in a race against time and I am running stride for stride. Waiting for my opportunity to get ahead. Transformation, education, progress, determination, success by any means necessary.


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