Helena Gudell’s Wonderland: Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis CharlieOn January 7, two muslim extremists went into the office of a French weekly magazine called Charlie Hebdo, and called out their more notable artists by name and murdered them in cold blood. The reason behind the massacre was because they did not like the way that these artists comically depicted their prophet Mohammed.

In many religions they say you are not to have an image or “idol” of your God. It is considered sacrilegious. So its no wonder why those of the Islamic faith found it unsettling that their prophet was being shown in unflattering and satirical ways. In the world of social media and memes its not uncommon to see anything being made fun of. It seems that as of late everything becomes a meme within minutes of the actual event or photo. And at times you have to really check your sources when posting an article now since there’s so many satirical sites making fun of actual events.

Here at Brewcity Express we like to push the envelope ourselves. While I don’t satirically publish anything I often say things that make people mad. I have offended many and pissed of lots more. My fellow counterparts here are the more satirical ones and their jokes push the limits of tolerance all the time. So when I saw that the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a magazine I had never heard of, had been stormed and people massacred, I wondered… what would happen to other people who decided to say “I don’t care what you think”? We all have an opinion and thanks to the first amendment we have to right to say what we think. But what happens when someone doesn’t like what you say? Do you censor yourself for the greater good of peace or do you stand your ground and say what you want? The offices of Charlie Hebdo decided to continue with what they did best and that was create another magazine. This time they put Mohammed on the cover saying “all is forgiven” and he was holding a sign saying “Je Suis Charlie”. Nice way to piss off the terrorists, but in my opinion… WAY TO GO!!!Je Suis Charlie 2

This is just one of the latest terrorists type attacks in the name of Islam that has me questioning the religion. As was discussed in one of the many groups I belong to someone stated that the Bible and the Quran both have excerpts depicting violence against the guilty but lets take this a little bit further. How many Catholics or Christians have you seen committing terrorist acts against a person or people for their beliefs? How many of them have committed terrorist attacks against a business for their satire? Do you know how many memes I see on FB of Jesus making fun of this or that? Do you know how many T shirts I have found with Jesus on it making fun of something or another? They are all over the place! There is one at Walmart that says “Jesus loves you, but I’m his favorite” according to the Bible, we’re all equal. Do you see Christians beheading workers at Walmart for selling them or storming their warehouse.

So why is it that those who kill do it in the name of Islam? The Muslims I know are peaceful. But what bothers me more is that they are not speaking out about the people who are using their religion as a farce to kill people at will. Is it out of fear because everyone who speaks against these radicals ends up dead at some point or another? Or is it because they believe so much in peace that they don’t want to stir the pot? Either way I find it a little disconcerting that none of the peaceful people of the Islamic religion are speaking up and asking these extremists to stop killing people in the name of Islam.

je suis charlie 3
We will take a stand. We will not be silenced.

Yes the Christian faith has their idiots… named Westboro Baptist Church. If there was a group I would like to shut up in the name of religion it would be them. But they don’t go beheading people, kidnapping, torturing, putting heads on spikes, or shooting up people who make fun of them. If that was the case, half of America would be dead because the majority of us have said something bad about them or made fun of them on more than one occasion.

I never thought that something so harmless as a joke would bring about the end of your life. I never thought taking advantage of freedom of speech would lead to your funeral. I know that it is not something that we here at BCE need to worry about but I can tell you its a bit unsettling knowing that at the drop of a dime someone somewhere can take something you say to a whole different level and take your life just because they didn’t like what you say. je suis charlie 5

If you don’t like what someone says or writes… oh well get used to it. That is life. That doesn’t give you the right to take lives in the name of your twisted views on religion. I don’t like the assholes killing people in the name of religion but I don’t go on massacre sprees.

If you are a Muslim, SPEAK UP! These people are taking the name of your religion and running it into the ground! Are you being stereotyped for wearing a hijab? Thank the assholes who are running around killing people in the name of Islam for you being looked at funny. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying go out and loot in the name of equality but dammit make some noise! Tell them that you are not going to stand for this nonsense. If Muslims can speak up about pork products in public places and their signs about serving bacon (yes that has actually happened) then surely you can speak up about the shit heads who are killing people saying they are doing it in the name of the religion you hold so dear.

Knowing how cruel the world is and knowing what happened at Charlie Hebdo just for going to work each day doesn’t change anything I have to say. I know I live behind a little cloak of anonymity to a point, but I wouldn’t change my point of views for anyone or in the name of any religion. And with that being said… Je Suis Charlie. I am Charlie. May the victims of the massacre rest in peace and may their legacy of laughing in the times of all this insanity live on. I stand with Paris. je suis charlie 4

“The pen is mightier than the sword” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1839


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