Spice of Life w/ Suga: Q & A Session 17

userQ: Dear Suga,

My brother-in-law is in a relationship with a woman that does nothing but use him. He takes away money from his kids to take care of hers. How can I get him to see how horrible she is?


A good sister-in-law

A: Dear A good sister-in-law,

As much as you want to him to get away from her, it won’t happen until he’s ready.  I’m sure he’s old enough to know better and if he isn’t doing anything about it it’s because he doesn’t want to. You and the family can point out every reason for him to leave her alone but if he doesn’t see it there’s nothing you can do about it. My advice to you is to just be there for him if he ever decides to leave. Let’s just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

babycryQ: Dear Suga,

My boyfriend isn’t helping at all with our newborn! If she starts to cry, he yells for me but doesn’t lift a finger. I’m so exhausted and I really need his help. What do I do?


Exhausted New Mom

A: Dear Exhausted New Mom,

There is DEFINITELY a conversation that needs to be had. You didn’t create this child alone and therefore she is both your responsibility. He can help with everything you do except breastfeeding but if you pump milk he can feed her too. People have been stressing to me how exhausted I will be and I couldn’t imagine having to do it all alone. You two are in a relationship so there is no reason that you have to. I honestly couldn’t see myself being with a man that didn’t help raise his child because I would be so resentful towards him. Sit him down and let him know that he has to get on board or get out!


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