So I have finally decided to open my mouth to the situation going on in Ferguson, Missouri. Mow lets get down to the nitty gritty… first and foremost I am going to say this, this article is my opinion based on evidence presented so far and does not reflect the opinion of anyone else at BCE. If you cannot respect my opinion as I respect yours on this highly controversial topic then DO NOT COMMENT!

I do not believe this is a race issue. This is an issue of circumstance. Yes the victim is black but everyone there is. Yes the officer was white, but mostly all of the officers in that area are. Is this a racism thing. NO its not. This is a case of an unarmed person shot by a police officer and nothing more. Regardless of if the officer was Darren Wilson or someone else, regardless if the victim is Mike Brown or someone else, the demographics are what they are. That does not make it an issue of racism. This makes it an issue of the demographics of the area. So that is how I look at this situation.

I don’t care if Mike Brown stole, strongarm-robbed, or paid for his cigars. The video that was released has no weight on my feelings about this case. If he did steal them it is not a crime worthy of death. I don’t think that the officer went there with the intention of killing someone that day. But then again I don’t know the officer. I am going to talk about my feelings about the case because that is what I do. I will talk about scenarios and evidence.

Scenario 1: Lets go with what the friend says (tho his story has varied a bit over the past 11 days). Lets say that they are walking in the middle of the street talking and bullshitting as friends do. They are carrying along with their conversation on their way home (where they were going has also changed depending on who you talk to) but anyways they were on there way home. An officer in the area (officers were in the area in response to a robbery call) approached them and told them to get the fuck out of the street or get the fuck on the sidewalk (Dorian Johnson couldn’t remember which) he said they told the cop they were almost to their destination and would be out of the street shortly. The cop started to drive away and then put the SUV in reverse and came back to them almost hitting them. He then said the officer threw his door open hitting the two of them. When it hit them it closed back on him and at that point he grabbed Mike around the neck and was choking him while trying to pull him into the truck. Mike struggled to get away and the cop grabbed his arm and reached for his weapon saying he was going to shoot him. At that point a shot went off inside the truck and the two men took off running. Dorian then says that to cop got out of the truck and started firing at Mike and Mike told Dorian to keep running so he could be safe. He said shortly after the cop started firing his friend was hit in the back and stopped running and turned to the cop and put his hands up and started to get down on his knees when the cop walked up to him and continued to fire and eventually killed him. He said he saw his friend die in front of him and was shot in cold blood like an animal by the cop.

So lets analyze this scenario. Can the beginning of it be true? Did the cop come up to them and tell them to get out of the middle of the street? Get the fuck on the sidewalk? Get the fuck out of the street? More than likely yes this happened and this is what led to the end result which was the death of Mike Brown. Did he use profanity when he said it? Who knows. I don’t doubt it. I have heard many cops (especially walking home from school in the South Side of Milwaukee) use profanity when talking to people when they are doing something stupid. So I am sure he was driving thru the neighborhood and said something along the lines of “get the fuck out the street” and I am sure Dorian and Mike responded with “I’ll get out the street in a minute” or “yea yea yea” or “whatever” we all do it when someone says something to us. Would a smart remark cause a cop to put his car in reverse and confront the two? Yes it would. Could this have pissed the officer off and caused him to be a little hot headed? Sure. So the officer then grabs a 6’4″ man by the neck while still seated in the truck? Um no. Sorry that is where I start to really question everything from this point on. Mike would be taller than the SUV which would mean the cop sitting in the truck would be reaching up and blocked of course by the limitations of the window and roof of the SUV pulling Mike down and into the window. As big as he is I don’t see this happening. Grabbing his arm and then shooting. Could have happened. Altho some witness accounts said Mike Brown was shot in the hand at that point autopsy evidence says otherwise so maybe that shot missed? Now of course the autopsy also says that Mike Brown was NOT shot in the back so the witness accounts that say he was shot in the back and that is what made him stop running and turn around is also another false account of events. And then there is the accounts saying that he was putting his hands up and getting on his knees when he was shot to death. If this is the case why wouldn’t a trained officer shoot him in the chest? It was wide open and way better if you’re planning on shooting to kill someone. The shot to his head which is what killed him, was with him either putting his head down or coming towards the officer and that is from the Medical Examiner that was hired by the family not by anyone else. He said that final shot was received either as he was putting his head down or as he was in a forward motion towards the officer. According to witnesses he was getting down on his knees telling the officer don’t shoot. Could he have had his head down as he was doing this? Sure it is possible. But if you’re worried about a cop shooting you again (since they say he was shot in the back) I don’t think he would be looking at the ground, but instead keeping his head up to keep his eye on the shooter to make sure he wasn’t going to keep shooting.

Scenario 2: Officer is in the area and sees two people walking in the middle of the street and tells them to get the fuck out of the street as he is driving past. They say something to him and he happens to notice cigars in one of their hands after hearing on the radio about a recent robbery where cigars were stolen and one of them fits the description given on the radio. The cop reverses his SUV and confronts the two men. According to witnesses and the officer’s accounts, Mike Brown assaulted the cop (resulting in confirmed facial fractures and blown orbital socket) and tried to grab his gun. A shot went off inside the SUV and Mike started to run away. At that point when Mike was about 20 ft away the cop yelled freeze and at that point it is said that Mike taunted the cop and then started to make his way back in the cop’s direction. At that point the cop started to fire on him and eventually he stopped. There is video discussion of what people saw with witnesses saying that Brown was over the truck trying to assault the officer.

So lets talk about this one. Again I think that the cop said something to them as they were walking in the middle of the street and I am sure it was something along the lines of “get the fuck out of the street” or “get the fuck on the sidewalk”. At that point did he notice the cigars or did they say something that just rubbed him the wrong way? Who knows. But he reversed his SUV and decided to confront the pair. Could he have been the aggressor? Sure he could have. The fractures he received could have been self defense if Mike Brown was being attacked by the cop. So the cop has been hit and the guys run away. He gets his bearings and aims his weapon and yells “freeze” Mike stops and turns around. Now if he just assaulted the cop and is feeling bold he could very well decide he is going to put another hurting on this cop and whoop his ass and charge at him resulting in the shots to the front and the top of his head. Or he could have said oh shit its over and decided to surrender. Witnesses say he went after the cop again and the cop started shooting and that is how he ended up dying.

Now there is one thing that has bothered me since day 1. In a community where they have a tense relationship with the police and there has been things building for years, why is it when all this was happening and all these people supposedly saw it, why didn’t any of them record it? Why is it there is not one single recording of a cop beating a man and then shooting him in cold blood? Why is it the only eyewitness video out there is of him lying dead in the street but people saying on the video “yea I saw it he wasn’t doing nothing the cop was trying to beat him and then chased him down and shot him in the back and then when he put his hands up saying don’t shoot the cop just kept shooting” why didn’t anyone record this? This would have been the perfect way to make sure that the rest of the world saw the injustice that they say they have been dealing with for years in this community. But yet these videos don’t exist. Now the same can be said for there not being a video to corroborate the cop’s story but here’s the thing, if you have a person beating a cop and then cop pulls out their gun are you going to share that video or tell anyone you have it? No you’re not going to. That video if it exists is going to disappear. If he was doing something wrong it won’t be recorded but if there is an actual instance of police violence then it will be recorded. Take for instance what happened in New York with Eric Garner. The whole thing was recorded. The moment the cops started talking to him they recorded it saying the cops were harassing him. Where is the video of the cop harassing Mike Brown? Where is the video of the cop chasing him down and shooting him in cold blood? I know if I am chilling outside and I see a cop chasing someone and they put their hands up I am recording it. Especially if the cops aren’t liked in my area. I am going to do anything I can to make sure that they are punished for what they do. But no one did this. Everyone waits til AFTER and then they pull out their phones and hit record.

The autopsy has refuted the eyewitness accounts which now that the autopsy has been released they are changing their story. Mike was shot completely in the front. There is confirmation that the officer has suffered facial fractures and a blown orbital socket. That means he took many severe blows to the face. That would give him cause to fear for his safety. Was he excessive? That depends on if Mike Brown continued to advance after the nonlethal shots. Only the gun shot residue evidence can tell us if the officer was excessive. If it turns out that he was then I hope he is punished for his actions. If he committed murder and the evidence supports that, well then I expect the law to hold him accountable for that as well.

What I do think needs to end is the race blame. As I said many times before, we as minorities have no respect for ourselves. We kill each other but are outraged when the white people kill us. We demand respect from other races and yet we demean each other with name calling and violence. They’re rioting and looting in Ferguson saying they’re doing it because they want justice for Mike Brown but they are tearing down their own community. They are behaving in a way that makes people think maybe the officer was right and he was defending himself. They are taking any credibility away from Dorian Johnson’s story just by their behavior. You know the old saying “you are the company you keep” is starting to make people wonder about the community. It only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. Our ancestors got their point across without looting. They were beaten, broken down, burned, lynched, arrested, and yet they maintained their dignity. They were determined to rise above and show that they were worthy of the respect they were demanding. They were out there everyday in their suits and Sunday best marching and sitting in protest not running around with their pants sagging and yelling profanities. They didn’t do this so we can act like fools. You want respect give respect.

 If you would like to be quoted in a future article on this subject please email me at Wonderlandbce@gmail.com and I will put your comments in my next article. This is not a one article thing as it is an ongoing story. 


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