Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: Stupid is as Stupid Does

I was always told “an idle mind is the Devil’s playground” when I was growing up. That being said I was always given a book or a sketch pad or something to keep me busy. If I wasn’t outside playing I was doing something constructive. I was creating something or reading a book. Now it seems kids lack an imagination. I know that people will blame it on technology and say that we’re too busy with social networking and video games to be creative but in fact that isn’t the point. When we were growing up we had chat rooms. we had computers, we had an ever evolving game console. The difference was we had parents who set limits. Now kids are given everything in the world they want and they have no creativity. So they do stupid shit to try and make it big on social media or YouTube. 

The latest idiotic act of our extremely misguided youth is the Fire Challenge. Now earlier this year I posted the article about the deadly drinking game called Necknomination. I really didn’t think after that things could get worse but apparently I was seriously wrong. So basically here is what happens, you coat your body with alcohol or nail polish remover and then light yourself on fire. Now if you have ever set anything on fire with alcohol, you know that the fumes burn. When I was little I took a tree branch and poured a bunch of nail polish remover on it to see how it burns. I was under the supervision of my parents and I did it for Chemistry. So now these kids are going to the emergency room with burns some severe because they decided to light themselves on fire.

Another challenge is the Vaseline Challenge. I say this from the bottom of my cold heart, I hope it makes you sick as hell! This challenge involves you eating a heaping spoonful of Vaseline. I couldn’t even watch the video cuz I almost threw up. Now while this isn’t deadly, it is completely STUPID! It is not harmful to you in the fact that it is non toxic but it can mess up your digestive tract. It can cause nausea, vomiting, and depending on the amount you eat can cause severe diarrhea.  Those symptoms can lead to dehydration and a host of other issues if not taken care of properly.

And the third and final act of stupidity is brought to you by the idiots who are inducing fainting spells from lack of oxygen. The Pass Out Challenge is where you hyperventilate and then have someone push you against a hard surface as hard as they can not allowing you to breathe. After a few seconds you pass out. I can only say one thing about this one… IF YOU DO THIS YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON! In one video a girl is unconscious for about 30 seconds. LACK OF OXYGEN TO THE BRAIN CAUSES BRAIN DAMAGE!!! Just thought I would put that out there for anyone who was thinking of trying this stupid shit. This is worse than the fire challenge in my opinion. This can kill you if you’re not careful. I don’t really have sympathy for anyone who is stupid enough to do any of these challenges especially this one. 

We really need to educate our children. I have seen a mix of races doing these challenges but the majority of them have been black kids. Do they not have enough sense of history than to light themselves on fire? Do they not know that during the times of segregation and before blacks were burned alive simply for being somewhere? Are the white kids doing this not aware that Hitler burned the bodies of all the Jews he killed as the ashes fell over those who were living. Are these kids that uneducated about the past that now they are willing to burn themselves for fun when others burned people for fun and it was criminal? Is their youth that misspent that they are doing these things that were once considered degrading and immoral and now have turned it into a game? What about the people who didn’t have the layer of rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on them? The ones who felt every degree of that heat. These kids are out of control and slowly killing themselves with these stupid challenges. Instead of encouraging one another to do something better with themselves, they are finding destructive ways to spend their time. Are we failing our youth or are they doing it all on their own?


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