To Accept or Not: Friend Requests from Family on Facebook

Now if you’re like me, you love Facebook. It’s fun to see what’s going on in everyone’s lives. We love it for keeping in touch with people we are not able to regularly see, like relatives. While that can be fun, there are times when you really have to consider adding a relative or not.

Some of my favorite relatives don’t live in Wisconsin. Keeping in touch on Facebook and seeing pictures of their lives helps the absence not seem so great. We can laugh and joke like we would if we were around each other. It kinda is reminiscent of when we were younger and all lived here. We also can still be supportive of each other in those difficult times, whether it’s stresses in life or medical issues. We can still have each other’s backs. But then there are them other relatives.

We all have those relatives that we only deal with at family reunions and other family functions. This is done on purpose. Some just truly do too much and you knew that growing up which is why y’all are limited in your interaction but family is family. You love them; it’s just better done from a distance. You have the ones that continue to be in drama despite y’all being grown. I promise it reminds you they’re your Facebook friends and no relatives you actively hang with.

There are also the ones that can’t leave what you say on Facebook. They literally call your parents and tell the things you say. This is one of the things I find most annoying. We are all adults and should be free to say what we want. I mean it does say, “What’s on your mind?” Your Facebook page isn’t to appease anyone else. It is strictly for you to post whatever it is that you want. Though people may not agree that really isn’t your problem. There are also the ones that chastise you for what you say right on Facebook. How embarrassing is that? You are posting something that you feel or something that may even be a joke but your older relatives completely ruin it by being so serious. That right there is enough for me to delete you. I will not let anyone tell me I am wrong for what I post or make me feel bad. If you don’t like what people post there is an unfriend button.  I have no problem deleting relatives. They are probably the people I delete the most. I find that some relatives don’t know the real you. They are stuck on the child you were and don’t recognize you as a grown person so anything you say shocks them.

With all of this, it makes it hard to add every relative to your list. We all should respect that we are adults and we’re not always going to say things you like but if it really bothers you, just delete yourself. That doesn’t change the family love at all. Matter of fact, it tends not to hurt many people’s feelings. So if you want to avoid the stress of trying to answer to your relatives, be careful who you add.


2 thoughts on “To Accept or Not: Friend Requests from Family on Facebook

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