Spice of Life w/Suga Q&A Session 15

Dear Suga,

My daughter is having trouble getting financial support for her daughter from her daughter’s father who also happens to be my daughter’s current boyfriend. I’m not sure why she stays with him. It’s very frustrating and I’ve basically had to pick up his slack which is hard on me. What should I advise her to do?


Stressed Grandma

Dear Stressed Grandma,

All you can really do is suggest to your daughter that she break up with her boyfriend and put him on child support. I’m sorry that you have to step in and do his part but unless she sees that, there’s not much you can really do besides talking to her about it. I’m not sure why she’s choosing to be with a person who won’t take care of his child. She’s basically telling him that it’s okay so unless she lets him know it’s not or better yet SHOW him it’s not, I can’t really see much changing. I’m glad that your granddaughter has you though.

Dear Suga,

I am having a problem at work. I was passed over for a position I feel I deserved over the person that got it. As a matter of fact, I have trained her in some of her new duties. I’m starting to wonder if it may be time to move on to a new company. What do you think?


Passed Over


Dear Passed Over,

I’m sorry you didn’t get the promotion you feel you deserved. Did you ask your boss why you didn’t get the position? There’s no harm in asking. Also I would ask her what you can do to help your chances in the future. Good chances your boss will remember that in the future when another position becomes available. I’m concerned though that you’re having to train the person on duties you already know. I’ve actually heard that before and I think it’s unfair. I’m not sure I could do it even though it’s part of being a team player. If you feel that you cannot get passed being overlooked then it may be time to look elsewhere, even if it’s to see what else is out there.

If you have a question you need answered, contact Suga at spicewitsuga@gmail.com and your question could be featured in our next segment
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