Spice of Life w/Suga Q&A Session 13

Dear Suga,

I am a single woman living on my own. My best friend is being evicted from her apartment and needs somewhere to stay. She wants to come with her 2 small children. I have no children but of course I wouldn’t invite her and not the children. The only problem is she wants her man to come as well. I’m not okay with that in the least. The main reason is because she works and he doesn’t.  Am I wrong?


Trying to Be a Good Friend


Dear Trying to Be a Good Friend,

spice of life

I commend you for letting your friend and her children stay. That’s a good friend. I also completely agree with you not wanting her man to live there. I would feel uncomfortable with him being there and I don’t have a man there. The fact that he’s not working makes it even worse. Is he even looking for a job? I know you wouldn’t want him laying up in your house all day. It’s one thing to lay up on your woman; it’s another thing to lay up on her friend. You are nice for helping her but that’s a man. He shouldn’t even want to come and stay there. That says something about him that you probably already see. He sounds lazy. They won’t move until she has the money and he may never try to help around the house or anything, depending on what she let him get away with. Everyone does things differently in their own houses but him not helping out would definitely make you resent your friend for having him there. That will cause problems in your friendship and it just isn’t worth the hassle. So I would explain to her that you don’t feel comfortable with him moving in but you are all down to be there for her and her kids.

Dear Suga,

I have a 17 year-old son who is starting to become interested in joining in the military. I don’t want him to go but I know I can’t stop him. How do I persuade him to find another path?


Don’t Want to Be a Military Mom



Dear Don’t Want to Be a Military Mom,

Don’t try to persuade him not to go. Trust me; I can completely understand you not wanting your son to go to the military. I probably wouldn’t either but you’re right, it’s ultimately is his decision. Have you asked him why he wants to go? It may be for service and it could also be to get money for college, which takes some burden off of you. Look at the positives: he’s serving his country, he’s getting money for school, and he’s doing something with his life instead of living off of you. If nothing else, those are good reasons to be supportive. He really needs you to support him. All you can do is pray for him and wish him well.

Be proud, he’s doing a very brave thing!!!


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