Spice of Life w/Suga Q&A Session 12

Dear Suga,

I am a 35 year-old mother of 4. Lately I’ve been considering going back to school. I’m beginning to feel unfilled at work and I think I’m ready to try something different. Am I too old for a career change?


Dream Chaser

Sincerely Dream Chaser,

I don’t think you’re ever too old to better yourself and that includes going back to school. This can be nothing but a benefit to you and your family. It will show your kids that you don’t ever have to stop learning. This will be a huge motivation for them. Yes, it will be hard balancing school, work and family but I believe if everyone chips in with house work and getting the children where they need to go that will help you a great deal  to be able to focus on school. I’m unsure of how old your children are but maybe if there are any that are old enough to cook it may be time to teach them if they don’t already know how. Since going to school will benefit everyone involved, teaching your kids more responsibility will take more off of your shoulders and make your balancing act much easier. I don’t know you but I am proud of you for thinking about this choice and I hope you follow through.

Good Luck to you and your family!

Dear Suga,

I am 4 months pregnant with my first child and my boyfriend just told me that he cheated on me and that the other woman is now pregnant as well. He doesn’t want me to leave him saying that her baby may not even be his. I don’t know what to do. Help!


Pregnant and Heartbroken


Dear Pregnant and heartbroken,

This is a tough one. First off, congratulations on your pregnancy. I’m also very sorry for what you’re going through. This should be a happy time for you. I can’t really decide for you what you should do but I will give you options. I know this is the worst time for this to be happening. If I were you I would try and decide if I could handle looking at him right now. Pregnancy is hard enough without extra problems. If it hurts to even look at him right now I would ask him to give you some space. You need to figure out if you want to save the relationship or not. It doesn’t matter right now of the kid is his or not, he cheated. That’s what you need to deal with first. He betrayed your trust. Now if you decide to continue your relationship you need to keep in mind what you will do if this kid is his. This child will be your child’s sibling. You have to be able to handle seeing this child because it would be unfair to keep siblings apart and the child didn’t do anything. He will have to take care of his child and you can’t stop him from doing that. There is no quick fix to this but I wouldn’t rush it either. You need to have as less stress as possible while being pregnant so if you don’t want to make any decisions while you’re pregnant that is completely understandable and he has no choice but to respect it. Take all the time you need. He needs to earn your trust back!

Hope all goes well!



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