Psycho Ver 2.0 (Part 1)

Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander when they first met

Have you ever met someone that you clicked with and thought it was meant to be? That’s what happened in the case of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander. In 2006 Travis thought he met the most beautiful woman in the world. She was tall, blonde, slender, and a smile he saw from across the room. He didn’t know who she was but he knew he had to meet her. Unfortunately it was this meeting that would eventually end his life.

Travis Alexander was born in Riverside California on July 28,1977 later in life, after his father died he was taken in along with his 7 siblings by his grandmother who introduced them to the Mormon religion. He later became a salesman for Prepaid Legal and also a motivational speaker for them. He was moving up the company ladder quickly and was looking for someone that he could spend the rest of his life with. He was also approaching the age of 30, which in the Mormon community was a time when you were already married and working on a family.

Washing Machine showing camera and bloody towel after it was washed

The night he met Jodi they walked around the hotel where the convention was held and they talked for hours. They shared many interests. She seemed interested in his religion and he offered to send bishops to her house to further educate her on the religion. She let him know that she was in a relationship and that they couldn’t be anything more than friends.

Their relationship started fast and furious. It was physical very quickly despite Travis being a Mormon. Jodi decided to leave the man she was seeing and commit to Travis and the Mormon church. Travis was present at her baptism ceremony. Their relationship had many ups and downs. They had a very physical relationship that included describing embarrassing sexual acts which they would later act out. They also had a very fun relationship taking trip across the country seeing different sites and visiting different Mormon Temples in the US. After about 6 months of their relationship began, Jodi got suspicious of Travis cheating on her. She started going thru his phone and responding to text messages when females would text him. When Travis found out about this there relationship went south very quickly. After they broke up Jodi decided to move to Mesa where Travis was living and was just a few miles away from him at this time. It was at this time that Travis started seeing other women within the Mormon faith and things started happening around him that made him a bit afraid of Jodi. His tires were slashed on more than one occasion, a woman he had been seeing casually and shared a kiss with received an email stating that she was going to hell for what she had done with Travis (all they did was kiss). Travis confronted Jodi about these things but she denied them all. Tho Travis was afraid of her he never went to the police to report her.

Crime Scene Photos and one of the last images of Travis Alexander

Theory is that a couple weeks before his murder Jodi decided that she was going to kill him and staged a burglary at her grandparent’s home where she had since moved into. The only things missing from the house at the time was a .25 caliber gun and a DVD player. Police believe that she kept the gun and used it to shoot Travis during the murder. The DVD player was only taken (and possibly pawned) to make it look like a real robbery. The issue the police had with the break in story is that there was nothing else taken. There was a large jar of change sitting next to where the gun was taken from and it wasn’t touched. There were no fingerprints left anywhere in the house, and other items of value were untouched. Soon after the break-in Jodi departed on a trip to Mesa under the guise of seeing a friend somewhere else. She borrowed and purchased gas cans and filled them up before crossing into Arizona. Somehow after midnight on the morning of the 4th of June, she ended up in the house with Travis Alexander. My theory is that she told him she wanted to have one last visit with him before she gave him up for good, or maybe she used her weapon to gain access to the house. Either way she spent the night with Travis and later that day they had sex. It was photographed by both of them. They took pictures of each other naked and she eventually took pictures of him in the shower. Those photos are the last pictures of Travis alive and the first pictures of him deceased. During the course of the murder that started in the shower, photos were accidentally taken of the scene and of the body as she moved it back to the shower. Let me explain that a little more clearly. The last photos of Travis alive are in the shower. Some of them standing, some of his back, some of his face under the stream, and there is one that is believed to have been taken after the attack began where is is sitting and all you see is his torso. Then there is a picture of the ceiling as if the camera had fallen in the course of the attack. After that there is a picture of Travis bleeding and a foot believed to be that of Jodi as she had just finished slitting his throat and was dragging his body back into the bathroom shower stall. The crime scene photos show a very gruesome and bloody scene. It seems that Jodi started stabbing Travis in the shower where he then got out and went over to the sink and coughed blood all over. At the point where he is standing over the sink trying to figure out what had just happened to him. It was at that point that he was stabbed more in the head and in the back. From there he started to try and escape and defend himself where he received more stab wounds to his hands and possibly the one to his heart. He went down the hall and at that point most likely collapsed from blood loss. At that point in the hallway leading away from his bedroom to safety, his throat was slit and he was dragged back into the bathroom. He was shot in the face and stuffed back into the shower where she rinsed his body off with a kitchen cup in the hopes to remove any DNA evidence. Jodi then took the bedding off the bed and put it along with a bloody towel and the camera containing the evidence of their sex from earlier in the day and tossed everything into the washing machine and started a cycle. She made sure the common area downstairs was clean and she left the house and continued on her trip to see a friend she had been flirting with online. She had been delayed by a whole day when she got to see Ryan. She asked for bandages to cover up a cut she had on her finger and told him that she cut herself at work on broken glass. In fact she cut herself during the 29 stabs she inflicted on Travis. She left her blood mixed with his on the wall of the hallway where she slit his throat. That blood was also in the form of a full hand-print which police later matched to her.

Crime Scene Photo where Travis Throat was slit

There was a mountain of evidence piling up against Jodi very quickly. And within a few weeks of Travis’ murder, Jodi was arrested for the murder of Travis Alexander. During the course of the trial Jodi tried to claim that Travis was abusive during the course of their relationship and she was afraid of him which is why she didn’t go to the police. She never wrote about the abuse in any of her many journals. She never told a friend about the abuse, and there was never any documentation to substantiate her claim but still she made them over and over during her month of testimony. She claimed after her two previous stories were unjustified, that the day of the murder she was defending herself against one of his moments of rage. Tho her trial lasted for months, they jury still found her guilty of First Degree Murder. They could not however, come to a unanimous decision as to whether or not she deserved to die for her crime. Jury selection for the penalty phase is due to start this fall and the family of Travis hopes that they will sentence her to death.

Since the end of the trial Jodi still has not left the limelight. True trial watchers follow all the updates every time she goes into court even for a status hearing. Jodi has tried many times to have the death penalty taken off the table without admitting guilt for what she’s done. She has even gone as far as accuse the state of Arizona of giving her Hep C while she was in jail in an attempt to kill her in a cruel and unusual way. I have so many thoughts about this case and there are so many people that I can quote as to their feelings about Jodi Arias but we will save this for another article. Please let us know what you think about this case. Comments sent via email to will be posted anonymously if you desire.


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