Wonderland Case Snapshot

Welcome to another edition of Case Snapshot. Some of the most notable cases in the news at the moment. Hopefully this will bring you up to date on all the things you want to know.courtroom

Mesac Damas: FINALLY justice might actually be served in the case of Mesac Damas, the Naples Florida man who killed his wife and 5 children.I wrote about him in the article Insane in the Membrane.  He has been found competent to stand trial by 2 different doctors. The judge in the case has ordered a competency hearing for August 1 of this year to decided if the case will move forward.

Aaron Hernandez: There is so much going on with this case its ridiculous! So his cousin Tanya Singleton has been charged for criminal contempt of court because she wouldn’t testify in the grand jury hearing to indict Aaron. This is not for the murder of Odin Lloyd which brought him into the spotlight but for the double murder of Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado in July 2012. He was driving a 2006 Toyota 4Runner which he then hid in Tanya Singleton’s garage. She was originally held in jail for 120 days but is now on house arrest. Hernandez is being held in Solitary with no bond.

Carly Rousso: Decided to huff computer cleaner fresh out of rehab and drive around Highland Park, Il. She stopped at her local Walgreens and picked up some of those aerosol cans of cleaner and drove around getting high. In that process of driving around in daddy’s Lexus she drove over a family taking a walk on Labor Day. 5yr old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento was run over by the car, backed over, and ran over again before Carly let the car glide into a building and came to a stop. She pled guilty to Reckless Homicide and was found guilty of aggravated DUI. Another case of spoiled brat.



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