The Male Ego and Why Women Cater to it

Have you ever wondered why men are such babies? I figured it out. Men are babies because we baby them. Now this is not to bash men, I love men. This article is strictly for the ladies though.

Anyone who has ever taken Psychology or even a parenting class has heard that if you reward negative behavior, that behavior will continue. This is not just for children. Now no man likes to be compared to a child but seriously ladies we all know that’s what we see them as, another child in the house. So I’m going to try to break down the headaches a man can bring and what part we’ve played in it.

Growing up I was always taught to compliment a man. Speak life into your man. When he does something good tell him how good of a job he did. Now when I started having serious relationships I did exactly that. If he cooked or cleaned, I thanked him. I showered him with hugs and kisses and “that a boys.” But my question is why are we taught as girls to do that? We don’t always get a thank you for cooking, cleaning or keeping the children out of the way so they can watch the game. Sometimes they thank us but most of the time they don’t and why? They don’t thank us because they were taught that that’s the role we play. We take care of home but if we work too why can’t we sit around sometimes and do nothing while he takes care of home. You know why? Other men would think that he was the house ho.  Seriously, when my Dad cleans that’s what he calls himself. We laugh it off but truthfully it sounds like he feels that it’s something he shouldn’t have to do. I don’t think that’s fair to women at all. 

I know we are taught to be stronger and we have to hold the family down but sometimes it feels like we’re supposed to be everything to everybody. That is a lot to take on and can be really difficult. We’re supposed to do all this with no complaints and be super women! Now, I can say that I know some pretty incredible women but they all have the same complaint: their man doesn’t appreciate it or doesn’t help out.

We need life spoken into us. Sometimes we feel broken too and need that encouragement and that appreciation. We don’t mind being everything to our men but we want the same in return. Motivate us, encourage us, and thank us. Be as supportive to us as we are to you. We know what is considered women’s work (though we may not agree) but a little help and appreciation can go a long way with us. It all goes back to being treated equally. We want from men what we give: OUR ALL!



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