Affluenza or Misogynist?

At the start of the holiday weekend you may have heard of Elliot Rodger. He turned out to be the shooter near the UCSB campus who killed 6 people and wounded another 13 before taking his own life as police closed in. The only thing I am trying to figure out about him was did he suffer from affluenza or was he a misogynist? Maybe it was a combination of both.

The 6 victims of last week’s rampage

Elliot is the son of a movie producer. Tho he is not one of the known producers he still works on the films. Elliott spent his summers in places like Morocco, complaining about how he didn’t like going there and threw a temper tantrum at the end of 8th grade when his mother told him he would be vacationing there with his father and step mother. He complained in his manifesto that they didn’t fly there first class and that there was no internet. He also complained that his life coach wanted him to get a job when he left school and all the jobs that were presented to him were beneath him. He said he was made for greatness and a retail job was too beneath him. He felt that everyone was beneath him and he was God’s gift to the world especially the female gender. He didn’t want just a girlfriend. He wanted a white blonde girl. If he saw a man of a different race with a blonde white girl he would get extremely upset. Tho he wasn’t all white himself he felt that he was superior. His manifesto talks about the time when a black guy named Chance came over to the apartment and was discussing his latest conquests when Elliot asked about them all losing their virginity. When Chance told him he lost it to a white girl with blonde hair Elliot threw a fit and then went to his room to cry. Yes I said cry. A college age man went to his room to cry cuz some guy he barely knew had sex with a girl he never met. Then he called his mom and cried some more to her. I mean women want a guy who is sensitive but come the hell on this kid was a wreck before he even left his parent’s house.

Memorial in front of the deli where students were shot and one died

He was given everything he wanted and things he didn’t need and grew into a self-absorbed asshole with a sense of entitlement. Because he had a nice car and had seen the world he felt that when he walked into a room people should flock to him. He seriously suffered from affluenza. He didn’t want to work for anything. He never attempted to make friends or attempted to talk to girls. He automatically assumed because people didn’t flock to him when he entered a room that they weren’t interested in him. He threw tantrums when he didn’t get what he wanted. At one point in time he was drunk at a party and went to sit on a ledge that had a chair on it. When other people came out there and didn’t talk to him he tried to push them off! He didn’t make any attempts to talk to anyone he just felt that since they didn’t approach him they should suffer. This is what happens when you give a child everything and never say no. When the world doesn’t give them what they want, they go and do stupid shit like this. His 147 page manifesto and his videos point to the same thing. An asshole who felt he was entitled to something and threw a tantrum when he didn’t get it. He went after the ones who he felt rejected him which was the girls at the sorority. He went after the people who had what he wanted, which was why he started shooting at the local deli. He knew there were college kids in there. He was pissed at others for having a life he never tried to achieve. He was a virgin. Was it because he had standards too high? It’s quite possible. He wanted a white blonde with a perfect body. Was his lack of friendships and relationships due to his attitude? I think so. He was an arrogant misogynist. He didn’t want a relationship he wanted a girl to have sex with. He didn’t value a woman. He never spoke of wanting to talk to her or be her friend or cuddle up and watch movies. All he talked about was sex. Now before anyone says no real man says they want to do those things, we aren’t talking about a real man. And there was a poetic side to him. He spoke properly even in his anger filled rant before the shootings. He spoke eloquently and softly. He watched the sunset at a golf course frequently. He could be a real romantic if he wasn’t filled with so much anger and loathing over sex and being a virgin.

Growing memorial outside of IV deli

Before his rampage on the area of Isla Vista, he sent out a 147 page “manifesto” to his parents and those who had been in charge of his mental health care. After reading as much of it as I could stomach and watching his video (including the one that detailed his plans of the rampage) I stand by my opinion of this kid. I say kid even tho he was 22 because he never grew up. His manifesto was filled with the poor me rants of a brat who had been bought everything he wanted so his parents didn’t have to deal with him. He felt his issues were caused by women and backed up by the douche-bag guys they were dating. He was racists despite being mixed himself. Some of his issues were blown a little out of proportion due to his mental illness. He was said to be on the high functioning side of the Autism Spectrum. Now don’t think that this illness caused him to snap. He did what he did because he wanted to. His mental illness had nothing to do with it. The only part it seems his illness played a part in would be making him over dramatic. Some may say that his being over dramatic is what made him do what he did but that’s not the case. This is something that was being planned and going on for a while. His parents knew there was an issue. They called the police to have them check on him because they were worried about the videos he was posting on YouTube. When the police went to talk to him they said he was shy and quiet and didn’t seem to pose a real threat. This is someone who manipulated the police to think he was ok. He was not mentally disabled. He knew the police were there to check on him for a reason. He hid his weapons in his room and played the part of an innocent person whose parents were overreacting. Had they taken the parent’s concern more seriously, this whole thing could have been avoided.

Elliot Rodger’s BMW where he took his life

The same was said in the Virginia Tech shooting when Seung-Hui Cho had mental illness and acted in ways prior to the shooting that should have drawn attention but because he was so quiet he was ignored. Just because someone is quiet doesn’t mean that they won’t do something crazy. And Elliot Rodger made it clear when he misled police to believing he was ok that he knew what he was doing and his quiet demeanor was all an act. I am not sure which reason bothers me more… his belief that he was God’s gift to women or the fact that he wanted to punish people for things they didn’t even do. The whole situation is unbelievably sad and I hope that the families of this rampage find some comfort.

So what do you think?

If you want to read the ramblings of this idiot you can click here


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