Wonderland Case Snapshot

Welcome to a new feature here in the rabbit hole. There are so many cases I want to go over with you guys but sometimes there just isn’t enough information to put into a full article. So every so often I will post a snapshot and give you guys updates on the cases that are going on right now as they develop. 


Michael Jace: So the actor from “The Shield” has been arrested this week and will be charged with the shooting death of his wife April. Monday night neighbors say that just before they heard shots ring out in the Hyde Park home, they heard arguing. April had just returned home with their two sons both under the age of 10 when they started arguing. Shortly after that Michael Jace shot his wife to death. He then called 911 and reported the shooting himself saying that he shot his wife and she was dead. Initial reports say that the children actually witnessed their father shooting their mother. The kids are now staying with family while everything is sorted out. As more information becomes available on this case I will let you know.


Julie Scheneker: I covered this case in the article “Don’t Talk Back” abut the Tampa area mother who shot her two kids to death for being mouthy. She plead not guilty to the murders by reason of insanity or mental disease/defect. During the course of her trial many elements came into play. Her 20+ year battle with depression and bipolar disorder but nothing could save her. It only took the jury 2 hours to reach a verdict of guilty for the charge of First Degree Murder. Se was sentenced shortly after to 2 life terms. Just before being fingerprinted (when someone is convicted they get another set of fingerprints and a new inmate photo) Julie Scheneker told the public and court “I apologize for what happened, what I did. I take responsibility. I was there. I know. I know I shot my son and daughter. I don’t know why but I have time to try to understand that”. She will not be spending her time in a mental health hospital as the defense wanted when they made their plea of not guilty due to insanity. Instead she will spend the rest of her life in prison. The state could not pursue the death penalty because she does have mental illness. However, they proved beyond a reasonable doubt that she intended and knowingly killed her children.


Amanda Knox: Amanda Knox has been
found guilty a second time by the Italian courts for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher in 2007. Its come into the news recently that there is Closed Circuit TV footage of Amanda Knox near the scene of the crime around the time the murder was committed. Those who support Amanda refuse to believe that she was there. Personally I stand by the fact that she was there and knows what happened but for whatever reason she chose not to be a witness. Read up on this case in the article Foxy Knoxy. I have a seen a snapshot of this footage and I say it does look like her but then again is security video ever reliable? She has said she will not be going back to Italy for her appeal and they will have to file extradition with the US if she loses her appeal and is sentenced. Who knows if the US government will go along with that extradition considering there were mistakes made in the initial investigation by police. Only time will tell what happens with this case.


Oscar Pistorius: ok so I was gonna do an article on this case but I have been waiting FOREVER it seems for it to wrap up. Now trial is delayed at least another month. Why? Well his defense team has said that the reason he shot his girlfriend was because he suffers from General Anxiety Disorder and he was in fear of his life that there was an intruder in the house. Well the judge decided to send him to be evaluated to see if this is in fact true. Over the next 30 days Oscar has to spend his entire day being evaluated by some shrinks at a nice fancy facility. The trial has been postponed til June 30th. The trial started March 3 of this year. And in case you wanted to know, I love court! I love everything about it. I love the objections, the process and all that goes on but I do NOT love court in Africa! That shit is so boring!!!!



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