A Spice of Life w/Suga: Q&A Session 9

Dear Suga, I love my girlfriend but we’re starting to fight about any and everything. We argue every single day. I want to be with her but I need something to change. We spend all our time together and I think that may be the problem. Any advice? Sincerely, Tired of Fighting Dear Tired of Fighting, I think that spending all of your time together can be just as detrimental to your relationship as spending too much time apart. Space is needed in all relationships. You need to allow yourselves to miss each other. You also need time to be around friends and family separately. There’s no need to be up under each other all the time. That leads me to believe that someone is lacking trust. It may be a good idea to sit down and try to get to the bottom of what you’re fighting about. It could be something that’s easily solved if you both are willing to compromise. I do think spending some time living your separate could be very helpful. People in close quarters can get tired of each. Give each other time to breathe and I bet you’ll see what a difference it makes. Good Luck!



Dear Suga, I want to move out of town but my boyfriend wants to stay. I’m just tired of how bad things are here and I really need a change of scenery plus I don’t want our kids to be raised here. How can I get him to get on board?


Wanna Fly South



Dear Wanna Fly South,

I completely understand wanting to leave a place and being with someone that doesn’t. I suggest sitting down and giving your reasons for wanting to leave and him tell you why y’all should stay. Another suggestion would be to take a trip to where you are considering. Lots of people are afraid of leaving their home because of the unknown. Maybe if he sees firsthand where you’re thinking of going, he may be up to it. People that are used to being in one place tend to be cautious of going somewhere new and starting all over. That’s terrifying to anyone. Leaving family and friends can be really difficult, and that could be the very reason he may not want to go. I planned on leaving home numerous times before I actually got the courage to do it and now that I’ve done it. It’s not a big deal to me to do it again. Hopefully you two can decide mutually where y’all want to be!


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