Now and Then

The other day I posted a status about a kid being rejected for Prom later that night and he decided he would take that rejection to a whole new level when he slashed, stabbed, and reportedly choked the girl in the hallway before classes on Friday. This comes two weeks after an attack not so far away at another school where a student went after classmates with 2 kitchen knives. 

Friday Maren Sanchez was murdered in the hallway of her school reportedly for rejecting a boy who asked her to the prom. She was 16 when she died. The prom which was scheduled for later that night has been postponed. Police have the boy in custody who at this time is being charged as a juvenile so his name and photo have not been released. He will be arraigned on Monday. He is currently being held in a mental health facility on a 15 day involuntary hold. As more information becomes available on this case I will update the BrewCityExpress Facebook page. 

Personally I think this kid should be charged as an adult. He carried a weapon to school with him that day with in my opinion, the forethought that if this girl said “no” to him he was going to attack her and possibly felt that he would kill her. He knew that rejection was a possibility, if not he wouldn’t have taken a weapon. It’s not like he took it to defend himself against her. So what was his goal? Did he have the mentality that if he couldn’t have her no one else could?

As I mentioned before there is the still developing case of Alex Hribal that decided the morning of April 9 he was going to walk down the hall of his school and slash his classmates. He didn’t care who he went after. He attacked one of the people who was considered his friend. On April 6 he wrote a note and stated that he couldn’t wait to “see the priceless and helpless looks on the faces of the students of one of the ‘best schools in Pennsylvania‘ realize their precious lives are going to be taken by the only one among them that isn’t a plebeian” 

He wasn’t rejected as the other assailant was. He felt he was better than everyone else. He didn’t feel like he was a plain person who fit into their cookie cutter middle class area. He wasn’t bullied. He was smart. He wasn’t outspoken about his feelings tho. He kept it to himself that he wasn’t plain or in his words “plebeian” When he was tackled by the assistant principal he said “My work is not done, I have more people to kill” Now he is being charged with 21 counts of attempted homicide, 21 counts of aggravated assault, and having a weapon on school property. 

So are these both cases of entitled young men who think the world is theirs to do what they want? It seems that way with at least the second case. He felt he was better than everyone else. Altho we don’t have the rest of the letter to really know what he was thinking, but based on just that little bit that the police released, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had feeling of grandeur  that he was doing everyone a favor. He walked thru the school with 8in kitchen knives and attacked people without regard of who they were. 

I think both kids should be charged as adults. Hribal already is. I think they both need to be sentenced to the maximum extent that the law allows. Online I saw comments that the kid who killed Maren Sanchez should be killed in public. Executed the way we used to do before we had appeals and a lengthy judicial process. Another said that we’re over populated and that’s why there’s so much violence. As the population grows, so will all that comes with it. I disagree with both. There are countries with higher populations and far less crime. They don’t have public executions. Instead they have swift justice. There are no appeals that last for years and decades. If you are sentenced to die you are put to death. Children have parents who care to be in their child’s life. They play a role in what happens every day with their kids. Not all families have both parents so that is not a factor. Even the over worked and under-educated parents still make it a point to know what is going on with their child. They are raised with morals and values. They are raised with religion and love. They are RAISED! They are taught respect and humility. Honor and courage. They have core beliefs and they know what they are. Drugs, rape, and murder are almost unheard of in some of the most populated countries where there are people who have less than our homeless and more than our CEO’s. Why? Because they have VALUES! They have the same video games and music as we do, they have guns and knives available just like we do. The difference is videos and games don’t raise their children their parents do. FAMILY means something in every other country but our own and we wonder why ours is falling to shit. We wonder our kids are killing kids and their parents. Because they have no VALUES. They’re not being raised. They’re being put on the back burner til they turn 18 and can be kicked out of the house. Most parents don’t know what their kids favorite color is let alone who their best friends are. That is why our country is falling to hell in a hand basket. Drugs and guns were available long before these kids were ever born yet they weren’t an issue. Why because families sat at dinner and had a conversation! We need to get back to the way things were when kids went outside and played games with the neighbors and came in at dusk. When you knew everyone who lived around you and were friends with everyone on the block. Where everyone knew your business and there was nothing to hide.



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