A Spice of Life w/ Suga: Your Business On Facebook and The Stupidity of It

Your Business on Facebook and the Stupidity of It


      Now I’ve tried my hardest to not write this article. I mean I know it will piss off some people but we all know folks like this and since it continues to happen, FUCK IT! I’m gon speak on it.


        I love Facebook! It’s one of my favorite things in the world. I’m able to keep in contact with people I don’t get to see on the regular. Also, I met my Boo/Baby Daddy on the site. I find out info and it keeps me somewhat hip. I learn about the newest songs and what my friends are listening to and/or doing. I learn about recipes and all kinds of things. Facebook is the shit to me. The downside though is the people that we have on our pages that tell ALL of their business.


        Now I get that Facebook asks, “What’s on Your Mind?” It’s a great question that can lead to very interesting stats. I can say myself I’ve written things I wouldn’t dare write now. Call it open honesty or whatever. But this is about the people who tell things most of us would keep to ourselves. Like the fact that you’re sleeping with someone else’s man or the fact that you have a man that treats you like shit but the sex is good so you ain’t going nowhere. People are letting friends and strangers in too much. We have seen people day in and day out spill out everything for their friends and enemies to see. I continue to be surprised by what people are willing to share with the world but not with people they know care about them. What’s even worse is when couples do it.


       There is almost nothing worse than two grown people, who are a couple, arguing back and forth on Facebook. I mean it’s seriously the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen. I mean I get that sometimes our significant others get on our nerves, that’s natural.  But to get on Facebook and make a stat about much of an asshole they are is retarded. And this is not to make fun of people with learning disabilities because they’re smarter than these people. What’s even crazier is that some of these people are in the exact same house talking shit about each on the internet. Now any smart person would be having this convo with each other in the privacy of their home but NOOOO these dumbasses get on Facebook and suck in an audience. I’m not gon lie I’ve went back and forth between couple’s pages to see what they wrote about each. I will even admit that some have gotten juicy enough for me to go pop some popcorn. Yes I said it! I have popped popcorn and sat on my couch like its entertainment. Cuz guess what? It is…pure entertainment.


        Now I love people in love. I think love is a wonderful thing but people need to remember there are people on your friend’s list that love that this is happening. Whether you know it or not there is at least one person on your friend list that is sitting back waiting for your relationship to fail. They are watching everything you say and enjoying your down moments. You arguing or talking shit about your man/woman is giving them ammunition. You may not think about things like that but I do. I really don’t see the point of airing your dirty laundry for the world to see when they only person that can really solve your relationship problems is the person you’re in a relationship with. I REPEAT, the only person that can solve your relationship problems is the person you’re in a relationship with! I mean there are a few concerned ppl on your page but there are probably more that are sitting back laughing at how stupid you’re making yourself look.


         Your business is your business and you have the right to share all of it if you choose. But I also suggest not getting mad at ppl when they comment or inquire for more info. You’re sharing so much so don’t blame us for judging it or wanting more.



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