~The Amador Memoirs~

 ~The Amador Memoirs~ Chapter 3: Mother of mine



As offspring we are given two blueprints. In a perfect world those two blue prints combined create the perfect foundation for potential development. I find myself appreciating that blue print given to me by my mother more and more as I see my son’s interact with my wife. As a child and young adult we often forget or take other journey for granted. We take for granted the dedication and endless love it takes to be a mother. Let me explain the view of women and mothers given to me by the mother given to me by my creator.


From the day I saw my mother transition into a free spirited, strong willed woman. I myself began my transition. My view of what I considered a good mate changed .Along with the expectations I had for myself changed. Before I go any further I know too many of the modern world women my views are perceived as thirsty, romanticism, delusional. As a man I couldn’t disagree with that more. For every 30th bad bitch, there are five queens .And out of those five two are on the verge of quitting there status. Why do you think movies of women empowerment are so successful? I think it is due the lack of self empowerment. The title of bad bitch or knowing all the lyrics to a Boosie song doesn’t translate to empowerment. Okay now I know many will say what a dick. I say sorry if I have a high standard as to what a women’s potential is. You can blame my mother and the women who have raised me. I am in no way shape or form passing judgment. If a life in the trenches is what has been designed for certain women .By all means learn from it and prosper. Yet on the same note I have an obligation to elevate my queen’s because they have struggled and paid the price to be there.


As men we are taught to a double standard now. Not to say it wasn’t a double standard before, but it is completely different now. Before it was, be a man and the women will follow the lead. Because you are the man, provider, protector, defender, if you step out of line and you will be reminded your place. Now a days it is I will make sure you don’t step out of line because I am the man and you are my provider, protector, defender and as convenient as it is my self esteem doesn’t trust you enough within your independence to elevate you and acknowledge you for what you do.

You might say damn that is harsh. Yet, you won’t dare say damn that is true. As a society we have evolved to destroy everything from Christmas to voting, to freedom, even women & men; not to mention nature. So how does that relate to mothers you might ask. It is simple and corny as fuck and thank you John Mayer.


“On behalf of every man

Looking out for every girl

You are the God and the weight of her world


So fathers, be good to your daughters

Daughters will love like you do

Girls become lovers who turn into mothers

So mothers be good to your daughters too”



For every good father there is an even greater mother. For every shit bag there is a mother who lost her way. Women, genuine women, women of intellect, women of character mold us at our core from the womb till our last breath. Even the bad ones mold us from the heartbreaks to every misconception. The world needs a few good men but it is desperate for women willing to raise them. My thirst might be mighty but my thirst has liberated my potential, because I was raised by queens and now live with my queen by my side.


The goal isn’t perfection. It is self preservation. It is ensuring the strength and survival of our offspring. The true evolution of our culture resides in our Mothers, so to mine; thank you for your guidance, thank you for your life.


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