Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: A Real Mother’s Love (Revisited)

MLR3A Real Mother’s Love (Revisited)

So on Monday after this original post the body of a male was found in Kenilworth Park. On Tuesday it was confirmed that body was Kahlil Tatum and he died of suicide. He had been there in the park at least 36 hrs but could’ve been there several days. It will be up to the medical examiner to try and determine a closer time of death. Original reports said he died of a self inflicted gunshot wound but I have yet to confirm that.MLR4

I called it on Monday saying that son of a bitch was dead somewhere! The FBI was looking for him in connection with the disappearance of a child… There was NO way he was gonna turn himself in or come in alive. The problem now is where is Relisha. I believe she is in that park and that’s why he was found there. I think he went back to the park where he left her. I believe that park has some significance for the two of them or at least for him. He either assaulted her there before or that day or something happened to him there, but that park has a meaning.

MLRNow back to the mother… she stated that she left her daughter in the care of her mother and sister. My question is this… If that is true how did they know Tatum in order to give him Relisha? She is still the only connection. They don’t live at the shelter. They weren’t the ones allowing him to buy her items, they weren’t the ones allowing him to take her to ice shows, they weren’t the ones allowing him to give her money. What it all comes down to is that she is the connection between him and Relisha. If her daughter wasn’t at the shelter she would’ve had to tell him where to find her. She would’ve had to tell her family to let him take her. He wouldn’t just get in the car and know where to go and pick her up. It still comes back to her. And her comments on her interview saying she’s a hell of a mother and there’s kids wishing they had a mother like her had me dying laughing! Last I checked no kid wants a pothead for a mom. Kids want someone to take care of them and nurture them. Today I had a talk with my 8yr old girl and she said one of her friends mom’s let’s him come home at 7/8 PM by himself and I said “ok do you want a mom like her or a mom like MLR2me who wants to know where you are and wants someone to walk with you to make sure you don’t get snatched up?” Her response was “someone like you”. Kids want guidance, love, discipline, someone to be there for them. Not someone to let them do whatever they want whenever they want to do it. I’m glad this chick got her kids taken away. I hope she never gets them back. I hope they find the love of a real family. Someone to treat them the way a real mother should. And I hope that it eats away at her soul for eternity the fact that her daughter is not here because of her selfishness and ignorance.

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