A Spice of Life w/ Suga: Q&A Session #6

QAQ&A Session #6

Dear Suga,

I want another child but my husband doesn’t. Is there any way I can tell him or try to convince him to have another baby?




Dear Longing,

Definitely a conversation needs to occur. I think you both should plead your cases. You for why you want another and as for him as to why you two shouldn’t. Obviously, there has to be a mutual decision about this. Adding another will definitely change your lives. You need to think about what will change. Your husband is most likely thinking about the financial aspect of it. So you need to discuss if you’re going to continue to work or stay home since there will be multiple children. Listen to each other and try not to just focus on what you want but how it will affect the family as a whole. Whatever you two decide can always be revised later on.

Good Luck!


QA2Dear Suga,

How do I spice up my relationship of 10yrs when we have 3 kids always around?




Dear Bland,

It is very easy for a relationship to get stale and it doesn’t even have to be 10yrs or 3 kids involved. Since in your situation there is, I would suggest a vacation to reconnect with each other. Parenthood changes a relationship drastically because it’s no longer about you two and the children are the most important. You must remember though that staying connected can only make the family closer and better. Now I know with 3 kids going on a vacation can nearly be impossible but that’s where stay-cations come in handy! If possible, ask grandparents or a close friend to watch your kids for a weekend. That way you can create the idea of a vacation without the expensive cost. Put phones on silent because obviously you need to stay connected to your kids but spend the weekend focusing on each other. Maybe do things you haven’t been able to do since the kids arrived. This is all about you and you should enjoy it. In the future I would suggest trying to work in a date night at least every two weeks. Ask family members to babysit or find a trusted teenager to give you two a break. I think this will help you two remember why you fell in love in the first place and created a beautiful family.

Get to planning!!


2 thoughts on “A Spice of Life w/ Suga: Q&A Session #6

  1. I’m scared of having kids for the very reason of losing all one-on-one time with my guy. But I think that’s good advice to follow, and is probably the salvation of a lot of marriages!

  2. I am currently pregnant with my first child so I’m constantly talking about the importance of us not forgetting each other. Don’t want this to turn into a routine and comfortable relationship.

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