Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: A Real Mother’s Love

ML5A Real Mother’s Love

If you have been paying attention to the news you would know that from the DC area there is a little girl missing by the name of Relisha Rudd. Now most would be wondering what made me want to write about one specific missing child when so many go missing everyday. Well there are circumstances around this case that pissed me off. As a mother I found this case to be something despicable. And I am not talking the funny despicable like the movie Despicable Me, I mean the investigator side of me came out and I did some digging and the more I read the more I got mad and the more I was pissed off at the fact I will never be a detective and can’t put people like this mother and the guy who took her daughter in jail.

So here is what is going on… March 20 the school reported Relisha Rudd missing. Yes I said theML school. The mother didn’t report her missing. Sound like another Casey Anthony case to you? The last time anyone can say they saw Relisha was on March 1. There have not been any creditable sightings of the 8yr old since then. During the period from 3/1-3/20 Kahlil Tatum was calling the school and posing to be the little girl’s doctor saying that she was ill and under his care and could not attend school. The mother gave the school Tatum’s phone number and said that if they needed to verify her illness for the child being absent that they could contact him. After 3 weeks of this they finally reported the child missing. I am sure it had something to do with the fact that there is no paperwork. Regardless of the reason the school finally notified authorities. At that point they started looking for the child. She was not with her mother at the homeless shelter where they were living, she was not with any of her relatives, the last person the family said she was with was Tatum. Now in recent news interviews the mother Shamika Young said the reason she didn’t report her daughter missing was because she didn’t want her other kids to be taken away and she thought that her daughter was being cared for since Kahlil Tatum was always good to her daughter. The mother said ML2Tatum would buy the little girl gifts and take her to see Disney on Ice and other shows. Now here is where I need to stop for a second and go off. I have an 8yr old little girl and I will be dammed if some guy in his 50’s buys my daughter gifts and takes her places and that man isn’t her grandfather. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS! You are NOT taking my child anywhere if I am not going with! Especially the fact that this guy is a janitor at the homeless shelter she lives at. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the custodial arts but how well do you really know the people who work where you live? Even if you live in an apartment building, how well do you know the maintenance man? I lived in a place for 2 years and while I had some comings and goings with the rental office I didn’t know anyone who did maintenance. And I sure as hell wouldn’t let my kid go off with someone from the rental office. But anyways back to the story about what is going on. So after this guy pretends to be Relisha’s doctor for the school, and the mother continues to live her life as if NOTHING is going on, and the school reports this little girl missing, they find the guy’s wife dead in a hotel room in another city close to DC. On March 20 the body of Tatum’s wife was found shot to death in a room in Maryland. There is surveillance footage that shows Relisha with Tatum in a hotel in DC on 2/26. Residents at the shelter say that Tatum was always offeringML7 other little girls candy and money and toys and they felt uncomfortable with him around but nothing was ever done about it. There was no background check performed on him when he was hired however, the police have  neglected to say if they found anything in his past that would lead them to believe he would pursue little girls or any child. Now after going thru the mother’s facebook page I found a lot of pics with her trying to show her ass off to the mirror, pics with her openly talking about getting high including some dated 3/2 the day after her daughter went missing she was getting high with a guy and hanging out at Union Station. Since her daughter went missing there has been 1 post about the situation and all she says in very bad spelling and ebonics and her daughter is missing and she doesn’t give a fuck what anyone has to say about her she just wants her daughter back.

ML8Since this case has come into the limelight it has been released that Tatum bought Lye, a shovel, and large black industrial garbage bags from the Home Depot across the street from the shelter that the child went missing from. They are searching a 700acre park where he was last seen spending a few hours at on 3/2… They say that while they will pursue any lead that the child is alive, they are treating this as a recovery mission. They are trying to find the body of the little girl. So this guy is buying tools to dispose of a dead body and the mother is in DC getting high and hanging out at Union Station taking pics.

I really hope that this little girl is not dead but everything that I have researched about this ML3case says that she is. The mother’s behavior after her child went missing shows signs of a person who didn’t care. There are very little pictures of Relisha on the mother’s page. There are more pics of her sons than there are of her daughter. I don’t take that as any indication that she had any part in this afterall the pics on my FB page tend to be heavier on my daughter than they are on my son. The reason for that is because my son doesn’t like taking pics and would prefer to play his video game than to pose for yet another pic. Reina I can’t keep away from the camera especially if her hair is done. But this lady has very few. Even in events that you would think would have pics of all kids or at least a variety such as her Christmas photos, her daughter is barely there. She was there opening gifts but the photo concentration is still on the boys. The rest of the pics are either of her just after she got high or her trying to show her ass and pose sexy.

You would think her FB page would be loaded with articles about her daughter… you would think that she would be sharing her picture and asking people to go out there and look for her little girl but yet 4 days after the last time Relisha was seen, her mother is posting pics about the pot bill being passed in DC. The only post about her daughter was after it as public information that her daughter was missing. There is 1 post from 3/21 and that is it. There is no picture of her daughter as her profile or cover pic. As a matter of fact once it came out that people could access her page a couple days ago when the police started looking for a body in the park, Shamika deleted her profile pic so she is just a shadow pic… but she ML9didn’t remove her cover photo of her posing trying to be sexy in front of the bathroom mirror. Her news interview was filled with her trying to force out tears for the camera and make it sound like she was crying. Don’t get me wrong she could very well be concerned but I doubt it. Her other kids have since been removed from her care, something she says she was afraid would happen had she reported her daughter missing. But in fact they were taken away because after the DCF family visit on 2/26 when Relisha was seen on camera walking thru a hotel with Tatum, Shamika also told DCF that her daughter was sick when they would do their check ins. She lied to the school, she lied to DCF, and she says she did it so they wouldn’t take her other kids away. I wonder if DCF has looked at her FB page and her posting pics about being high the day her daughter is possibly being buried in a park.

I want so hard to give this mother the benefit of the doubt and say that she really does love andML4 care for her daughter and other children but it just doesn’t seem that way. When a mother really loves her child she doesn’t let them hang out with older men they don’t know just because he offered some nice toys or tickets to an ice show. When a mother really loves her child she doesn’t have the guy pretend to be the little girl’s doctor when the school wants to know where she is. When a mother really loves her child, she does everything to move heaven and earth to bring them home if something happens to them. They don’t go out and get high and take pics of mail boxes and announce that the pot bill has passed. You go out there and get the word out some asshole has your kid and they need to be found as soon as possible. Could this be another Casey Anthony case where she knows what’s happened to her kid and just goes on living her life as if nothing were wrong? Then when someone else reports the little girl missing she has to come up with reasons and excuses as to why she didn’t report it? Tatum needs to be found. The police believe that while he has ties to the Atlanta area, he may still be in the DC area. HE NEEDS TO BE FOUND! He is the only one who knows what happened to that little girl besides possibly the mother who is sticking to her story as of now that she doesn’t know anything. The fact that this guy is already facing murder charges for the death of his wife, ML6I wouldn’t be surprised if his body is rotting somewhere in the area that they haven’t looked yet. Once this part of the case is over, I hope the mother is charged. And tho her kids have been taken away I hope she never gets them back. There is something clearly preventing her from being a dedicated mother and I am sure somewhere there is a family who is longing to give the love and dedication to these children that they deserve.

So what do you think? Do you think this pot smoking, partying mother is another Casey Anthony repeat? Or do you think she really is the loving mother she professes to be that is staring at the wrong end of accusations? I understand that her circumstances were bad. She was in a homeless shelter and someone was willing to give one of her kids some better things, but at what cost?

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