~ The Amador Memoirs ~

~ The Amador Memoirs ~ Chapter 2: Fathers



Being a father is a responsibility I didn’t approach in traditional ways. I didn’t get to go through the process of bonding with a child since conception. My venture into fatherhood began in a bowling alley. Funny how it relates with the modern mans approach to women. Line them up and knock them down, or up. The day I knew my wife was the one that I needed in my life. It was also the day I took on the responsibility to raise the offspring of her past. That day I ventured on a journey that has transformed every fiber of my belief and understanding of what it is to be a father, son, man in this life.

Growing up my father always showed me love. Through all the pain and sadness my old man brought to our journey as father to son, son to father. I can full heartedly say he always made me feel that through out his personal anguish he loved me. Being a father is the greatest responsibility a man can take on, due to the fact that you are forced to examine every aspect of your own soul. A father is a blueprint to another human beings development. I found myself relating with all the men that molded my view of what a father consisted of. My father gave me the greatest example of what it is to be a young man raising a young boy and how a lot of the details get lost in translation. Before I ever learned to appreciate life lessons from him I had to hate him and commit many of his mistakes to fully comprehend his journey. Threw that journey I have fought threw many emotional trials which in hindsight prepared me to be able to relate to my children and provide the father they needed, not the father I envisioned being.

To beat an old horse is pointless and to give energy to a man that chooses to step back from his blessings is something I have addressed once before. I learned thru my father that another man’s journey is a struggle you will never understand and can’t relate due to a different soul being at the helm of that vessel. With that being said as a father I have the responsibility to teach all these lessons to my boys. Thru the examples they where given they will learn and put to task my efforts. Like their father, my father was there to inflict some of the most unbearable pain yet thru those experiences I see there views on growing into a men developing .Fatherhood is a task that takes patience, dedication and sacrifice. The man you see yourself being has to be the best man you can muster, for the sole purpose of giving the next generation of fathers a solid base. Father’s are architects, responsible not only for building a beautiful structure but a strong structure that can withstand the trials and tribulations which life presents .Our children must grow to value the experiences, lessons and errors we make as fathers. There are so many children that are misleading thru life; which in turn mislead or abandon there offspring. This world needs its fathers. This world needs a few good men.


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