A Spice of Life w/ Suga: Women vs. Women

gf5 Women vs. Women

Over the course of my thirty years. I’ve realized that women have somewhat of a natural dislike for each other. It exists everywhere you go: Work, school, shopping etc. Women just don’t like each other. It starts when you’re a little girl. You and your friends are making fun of a group of other girls. None of you really know why you’re doing it. You could honestly have no problems with any of these girls, yet you’re talking about them. Where was this behavior learned? It’s been happening for generations and unbeknownst to you, it will get worse as you get older.

I think insecurity plays a HUGE part in it. I mean women a lot of times will not know a woman, gf3look her up and down and call her a bitch. I don’t know if it’s the confidence this woman has in herself while you are lacking but you don’t know this woman and because of your judgments, you won’t get to know her. She could be a great person but you’re letting the superficial things keep you from potentially knowing a great person. Some women just can’t bring themselves to even compliment a woman. Like she’s afraid that if she says she looks nice that’s going to turn her into Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. People often push their insecurities onto other people.

gf1Then there are some women that just rub you the wrong way. You’re not sure what it is but the minute you’re introduced you’re thinking, “I don’t like this Bitch!” I’ve done it before, hell we all have. You feel that something they give off makes them untrustworthy. Most of these women will quickly say that women are hating on them and they’d rather be friends with guys anyhow. But of course this woman is called a ho by other women because of her lack of female friends.

I believe that the main reason women don’t get along is because women see each other as gf6competition. There’s like this quiet war going on between women for a man’s attention. There is a shortage of men available after the ones that don’t like women, the ones that are in prison, and the ones that are still laying up under Mommy. This causes women to share men and even screw over another woman to get her man. You will hear many women say that they trust no woman around their man under any circumstance and this is why. Women today have no problem taking your man. There are women that actually pride themselves in being able to do it. This is all very sad.

gf4We don’t really see men act like this, at least not as a whole. This is a problem that is really holding our sex back. I think a lot more could be accomplished if women could put their personal bullshit aside and get down to business. We really could run the world if we tried. But somewhere we started to believe that there isn’t room for all of us to succeed and be happy. But we can! I mean I love being around my man but there’s something about female camaraderie that’s second to none. We go through so many of the same things in life. Being able to get together and talk about those things and give each other advice can help us all get through it together. We are women raising women and we have to be better examples to the generations that follow. The clawing, the back-biting, the screwing over each other, and the lack of respect for one another need to stop. Why should we expect men to respect us? When we can’t even respect ourselves or each other. Don’t be afraid to let another woman shine!gf7

So ladies let’s be real-grown women and treat each other like the queens we are!!!

Now, I’m here to answer any questions and help you get through your relationships. No question is too crazy so drop me a line at spicewitsuga@gmail.com and subscribe to view my replies. As long you keep it real w/ Suga, then believe that Suga will keep it real w/ you. Till’ then take care and go get yo’ life…


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