Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: Desperately Seeking… Murder!

DSM2Desperately Seeking… Murder!

I don’t know about any of you but I have used Craigslist before to find many things. I have gotten pets off there and even movies. We’ve been to people’s houses to pick up items and once I have gone alone. But apparently Craigslist is also a place to find your demise. Most recently is the story of Miranda Barbour and her husband. She is the 19yr old who told police that she killed at least 20 other people. But before Miranda there was the original Craigslist killer Philip Markoff. 

Philip Markoff was a second year med student at Boston University School of Medicine at the DSM1time of his arrest. He was engaged to be married when he answered ads on Craigslist posted by women who were performing escort or massage services. Markoff was suspected to be the perpetrator in 3 separate attacks that occurred within days of each other between Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The first was on April 10, 2009 when Trisha Leffler was attacked after Philip responded to her escort ad. He robbed her at gunpoint and left her bound and gagged in a Boston hotel room.   His next victim was Julissa Brisman who had an ad on Craigslist for massage services. Her body was found on April 14, 2009 in a Mariott in Boston. His final victim was Corrine Stout who had an ad for lap dances. Philip attempted to rob her at a hotel in Rhode Island. The police used email messages, cell pone records, and security footage to figure out that Philip was the one responsible for the attacks DSM3and on April 20,2009 he was arrested for the attacks in Boston. Rhode Island did issue a warrant for his arrest but they were going to allow Boston to handle their charges first since theirs had a murder and a fully executed robbery. Shortly after his arrest Philip made 3 attempts on his life. His fiance broke up with him and his wedding was cancelled. On August 15, 2010 while still in custody awaiting trial Philip Markoff succeeded in his 4th attempt to take his life. He died of self inflicted wounds and suffocation. Before he died he wrote Megan’s name and the word Pocket which is what they called each other and put her pictures up on the wall. Some say that it was his way of saying he did it to spare her pain of a trial others say it was his way of blaming her. Either way because of his death the charges against him were dropped and no one else was prosecuted for the crimes. Justice will never be served for the girls who were attacked.

Many of you remember Miranda Barbour as being in the news recently for saying that she killedDSM5 so many people as part of being in a satanic cult from the age of 13. In fact there is no evidence to support such crimes happened. In fact the only murder she has been confirmed of committing is the one that landed her in jail in the first place. In November 2013 Miranda and her husband contacted a man they found online who had posted an ad on Craigslist for companionship and conversation in exchange for money. They lured Troy LaFerrera into Miranda’s car and decided to ambush him. They wrapped a cord around his neck and stabbed him more than 20 times before dumping his body in an alley. When they were DSM7arrested Miranda’s husband said they wanted to kill someone together to see what it felt like. Miranda said the reason they killed him was because he offered to have sex with her for $100 even tho he believed she was only 16. Miranda said if Troy declined sex after learning her fake age then she would have let him go. Miranda then said she had killed people who were bad. She said that as part of being in this cult since the age of 13 she killed more than 20 people from Alaska to California, Texas to North Carolina and up to Pennsylvania. So far there has not been any evidence to support her claims of being a serial killer.

So why don’t women have enough respect for themselves that they have to sell themselves DSM6online? Who knows. There are many reasons why people turn to online sources to find love and affection. But why Craigslist? There are plenty of sites online that offer companionship. As for the women, I think they need to have some self respect. Stop selling their bodies online and then wonder why women are always degraded in songs and videos. Don’t get me wrong none of the people above deserved what happened to them. I don’t wish ill on anyone for the choices they make in their lives but in the same token you have to wonder the type of people you are going to be dealing with when their buying or selling their ass or looking for companionship on Craigslist. You want a cheap dresser, free pet to a good home, looking for a cheap car that you probably don’t want to title but don’t have a choice? Craigslist is your place to go. But seeing as every pet I have gotten off Craigslist has had fleas, I would seriously wonder about the ass I would be getting off there. Why are they selling themselves DSM4there? Why not go to one of the many companies offering escort services? You know where your date is tested for disease? For all you know the one you end up with could be the same one giving away free flea infested kittens. Ladies have some respect for yourself! Take it to a place that will make sure you’re not gonna end up dead in an alley or motel room. Go somewhere that will have a record of your clients. Men have some respect for your nut sack! If you’re gonna hire someone, make sure they’re from a place that does tests. If not your dick will fall off. They told us so in health class.

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