~ The Amador Memoirs ~

The Amador Memoirs ~ Chapter 1: Motivation


          I often find this simple word to be the most captivating word in my English language. By definition it is self explanatory. Yet in action it is a much more relentless endeavour. As a man I find that motivation for me is a difficult task. You see, as a child I never really learned what it was to have motivation or, how to express the feeling of striving to succeed in hopes of achieving a goal. I was sheltered growing up, often learning about life’s simplest lessons through observation. My greatest lessons were often taught to me by heroin addicts and alcoholics. Yet in retrospect, not having that connection with the outside world molded who I am today.

            As humans the most difficult task on hand will always is breaking away from habits and traits learned as a child. Some believe they are inherited, others believed they are learned. I find that through personal experience, I have always had people assigned to me that had great potential, and strived to achieve and where highly motivated individuals. From my earliest memory of my families multiple attempts at business to them starting the first Hispanic Alcoholics Anonymous rehab center in Milwaukee. I was placed in a playing field that gave me a learning curve that was phenomenal. Yet I lacked the know how to turn those lessons into motivation. I heard a great saying earlier, The richest places on Earth are cemeteries. The reason they are rich is because they are full of people who created world changing inventions and priceless innovations. Yet they never had the motivation to act upon those thoughts before there death. That is deep if you think about it.

             I am a firm believer in fake it till you make it. A great life lesson I learned from the late great Bernie Mac. Lack of motivation to strive to succeed and achieve in life is a serious handicap because you lose a lot of your brightest ideas in transition. Yet in life when you lack in an area you must supplement with another. When faced with raising two boys who like myself find themselves with traits they inherited from there biological father and family along with there experiences before I came into there life. I find myself supplementing motivation with drive and ambition. Ambitions of passing on a guide so that when they reach those pivotal moments in life. Those moments where as a man you are forced to look yourself in the eye and say I am far from where I want to be and even further from where I should be. They can stand firm and say I am where I need to be and am who I need to be to find the drive to strive towards my ambitions.

            Motivation is vital. Plain and simple. Motivation is power. People move the world with motivation alone. Yet for those of us you lack the ability to master motivation. Like Rick Ross said;

Ambition is priceless that’s something that’s in your veins,

And I doubt that will ever change

Ambition is my shit i put that on my name

And I doubt that will ever change  

Easy to dream a dream yet it’s harder to live it.

There going to love me for my Ambition!

My Ambition to be a good husband, father, son, brother drives me to find motivation. It keeps me afloat when sinking is the only option I see. Although, I didn’t learn how to conquer motivation, I did learn that Ambition keeps you moving forward and for that I am grateful.


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