Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: Where Is The Love?

unnamed (3)Where Is The Love?

The past three articles posted have been about hate crimes. As I said in the first one I was raised not to hate. My grandmother told me not to hate anyone no matter what the reason or what they do to you. I have had some experiences in my life that may be better suited for our other series Spice of Life, but they are bad enough that I should hate those people. But fact is hate eats away at your heart and soul. But yet hate seems to run quite rampant in society as much today as it did in the days of segregation.

Now we all joke among our friends or family in our tight circles. I know I do! I have a blondeunnamed (4) haired blue eyed daughter, a brown boy who looks like I adopted him in the summer, a sister who looks like she’s all white, and another sister who looks nothing like either one of us and we joke that she looks like she’s Mexican and Asian (no offense to all my Mexican and Asian friends, and sorry for putting you out there like that little sister <3). But they’re both Spanish (from Spain), Lithuanian (look it up), Black, Native American, Puerto Rican, and Irish. You put the 3 of us together and you would never guess we were related. You look at us and you would never guess the genetic make up. Yet I was picked on growing up. I wasn’t Hispanic, I wasn’t white, I wasn’t black. But in reality what difference does it make. Why does the external make up of a person matter? Looking at me and my sisters you can’t tell we’re related, you can’t tell my kids are mine, but you will never find a trio of sisters that are closer together no matter how many miles separate us and you will never find a family as close as mine. My best friends both associated as well with Brew City Express are so close they might as well be family and they are black. So what stops others from achieving that interracial bond?

imageWhat was the point of Martin Luther King Jr marching, fighting, and in the end losing his life if all we are going to do is continue to the same nonsense that he was trying to end? Did he die in vain? Was the death of Emmett Till for nothing? Did James Byrd Jr, Matthew Shepard, Brandon Teena, Kevin Shifflett, Tiffany Long, and Alfred Wright and many others all die for nothing? I mean they died for no real reason except ignorance but can’t we learn from their deaths or are we going to continue to keep repeating it? Are we going to continue to let the ignorance of Westboro Baptist spread or are we going to shut it down and teach our children the truth? I get that everyone is entitled to their beliefs that is after all theimage (1) beauty of living in America but there comes a point where we need to stop the bullshit and let the past be the past. Learn from it but don’t live there. JFK fought for the end of segregation yet we segregate ourselves. We live in neighborhoods with people of our own race, in school we hung out with people of our own race, the jocks hung out with the jocks, the cool kids hung out together, everyone was segregated. What is the point of those people losing their lives fighting battles if we’re not going to live the lives they fought so hard to give us.

unnamedWhy are those who are gay any different? What makes their lifestyle something we can judge? Does it affect you? The bible says Love Thy Neighbor, so doesn’t that count for all your neighbors? Not just the ones of a different race but of a different sexual orientation? The other day I read something on FB that read homosexuals shouldn’t have kids because their children will be picked on and ridiculed and the response was along the lines of “how about you teach your kids not to be such little pricks?” I agree with that wholeheartedly! Why shouldn’t they be able to suffer the joys of having children? Because your kids are assholes someone else can’t have a kid? Screw you and your judgmental kids. Yes this is me judging you for being judgmental! Ok not really. I don’t give aunnamed (1) damn about you. Or anyone else honestly. I am just trying to get my kids thru life without having to beat the shit out of an ignorant judgmental parent raising an ignorant judgmental kid. I want my kids not to care about who their friends are and what they look like and who their parents are. I want my kids to be friends with people they like for who they are on the inside. I think if we all taught a little more love for everyone and not those we are comfortable with, we may have a lot less of these crimes against race, religion, sexual preference, and other hate crimes. Once a year for a month people quote Martin Luther King Jr but he needs to be quoted all year round. He truly wanted everyone to live in love and happiness.

unnamed (5)We can all say we’re not racist or homophobic but the fact of the matter is everyone reading this article has passed judgement on someone of another race or gender or religion. Every person reading this article has passed judgement on their own race. Racism isn’t just against another race. It is passing judgement  against others for the way they look, act, religion, gender, orientation. If you make fun of someone for being too white, too dark, not dark enough, too yellow, too light, not lesbian enough, too butch, you are discriminating. Next time you start to do something like that stop yourself and ask yourself how would I feel if someone would do the same to me? Show more love, less judgement. Where’s your love?

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