A Spice of Life w/ Suga: Q&A Session #5

guQ&A Session

Q: Dear Suga,

How do you get your man to grow the fuck up? They are all big ass kids. When they’re sad they want you to hold and baby them and when they fuck up, they cry.


Got a Big Baby


A: Dear Got a Big Baby,

In my opinion, all men are babies when they’re sick. I haven’t met one yet that isn’t. Now how to get them to grow up would take magical powers.  I do know some men that don’t do childish things and aren’t that attached to other men. But most seem to be and I don’t get it. I do plan on writing a future article on this topic because I’ve had to deal with this myself. For now, I would advise you to sit your man down and have a real conversation. Though you love him, sometimes you feel as if you’re raising an extra kid and that’s not how you want to live the rest of your life. Now, I doubt if he’ll agree. Actually, I can bet my month’s salary that he’ll think you’re unreasonable. Just focus on what you love about him and that should outweigh the bad of him being somewhat of a kid.


gu2Q: Dear Suga,

If your child’s mother doesn’t want a relationship with the father, is it fair that he puts her on child support just to have some type of relationship even if it’s causing hate?


A Caring Mother


A: Dear A Caring Mother,

It’s not fair for him to put her on child support for that reason. Now if he needs financial help for the child then that’s a different story but to put her on child support as a form of punishment is wrong and very selfish. The most important person in all of this is the child. Their well-being is most important and the parent’s feelings are secondary. Putting a parent on child support out of spite could very well make things worse and the child could end up being the one to suffer.  I’ve seen where some people are put on child support and no longer have anything to do with the child because of it. I think it’s stupid but again the child is the one who truly suffers. Parents need to realize that playing tit for tat with each other will hurt the child in the long run and this child may end up resenting one or both parents.

Now, I’m here to answer any questions and help you get through your relationships. No question is too crazy so drop me a line at spicewitsuga@gmail.com and subscribe to view my replies. As long you keep it real w/ Suga, then believe that Suga will keep it real w/ you. Till’ then take care and go get yo’ life…


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