~ The Amador Memoirs ~

~ The Amador Memoirs ~ Introduction


I have approached writing in many ways throughout my life. As a kid I was a poet, lost in the delicate details of creation. Intrigued by the dimensions in nature and it’s flawless reaction to our being present. As a child I remember that ability to imagine, that ability to escape the cage provided by life. As life experiences tame you and society allocates you with attributes and traits. You often forget the potential of your mind and imagination.

I have never been anything more than average when it comes to my cover. A man of his environment. With the same misconceptions of what it is to be a true man as the majority of those men that came before me and those that came along with me. I have suffered with insecurity, continue to suffer, shall I say. Along with every predisposed trait a male minority gets as he ventures throughout life. For example, I have hidden in anguish and terror at the site of domestic abuse only to come out and put on a mask of strength to move an experience along its course. I have embraced every stereotype as a Hispanic male. I have claimed brown pride, fuck the police, white people Are the devil, I have a cousin who is in a gang so I will make your block disappear. All of this plus many more which have no merit to be acknowledged. Like I said my cover has been basic.

As cliché as the saying, don’t judge a book by it cover, goes I bring you my life lessons. Written down as a way of exploring my own truths and exposing my insecurities. As a memoir for my children. So that they know that as a man you are given a path by humanity. A path full of remorse, trial and error, happiness and knowledge. A path which often leads to an enlightenment if you are a quick learner. Or you are forced to come to a realization when your soul is ready to guide you to your next chapter. It’s not an Autobiography. It’s my vision of what it is to be a modern man with old world thoughts and global inhibitions.

Welcome to Memoirs: Amador


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