Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: NekNomination… I Dare You!

drinkgameNekNomination… I Dare You!

So I am sure you have heard of the drinking game making its way around social media called NekNomination. Basically the game is you have to find the most creative way to chug or neck a large quantity of alcohol and then you nominate someone else to try and beat you. This originated in Australia and through YouTube and Facebook made its way to Europe and then of course here to America. Now it’s not enough to say you did it, you have to have video proof… because like everything in this world, if there’s no video it didn’t happen.

So here’s the thing, we all played drinking games underage. And I love a good drinking game. drinkpotThis game however, has turned deadly. The reason besides alcohol poisoning is the fact that these kids are taking it to whole new levels. What happened to a simple game of “I have never” or drinking while playing cards or beer pong? This game of people trying to outdo each other has gotten to the point where people are going out in public in stupid costumes, in lingerie, and some are going as far as putting animals in their alcohol. Ok now one guy drank out of the toilet. Yes I said out of the toilet! I don’t give a damn if its’ clean or not its’ a fucking toilet! People shit in there. I can’t get past that part. I mean yes alcohol probably kills some of the bacteria but we are talking about teenage boys so I am sure the toilet was only half-assed clean before he had his boys put him upside down to drink out of it. Then you have idiots who are adding animals to their drinks. I am not talking big animals. I am talking small ones like mice and goldfish or others doing their dares in fish tanks.

drinkfailWhat is the consequence if you choose not to partake in the dare sent to you? Social mocking. Basically you get bullied online and people call you a pussy and all kinds of other bullshit names. There’s no physical abuse for not following thru, there’s no money for the person with the best idea and most alcohol consumed. All it is are bragging rights and a little social torment. Whoop-de-fucking-doo! These people are putting their lives on the line so people don’t call them mean names?! I am sure I will get hate mail for saying this but I don’t feel bad. It sucks that people are dying over a drinking game but if you’re going to put mice and fish in your drinks then I don’t feel bad if you meet your maker. There comes a point where things go too far. If you have to put a diseased animal in your drink to avoid having your friends making fun of you then you need to write a note to your parents before deerbloodhand and tell them you’re a big ass pussy who deserves whatever is coming to you and not to waste the money on a funeral just put you in a box and donate your organs to those who want to live. I understand that accidents happen and sometimes kids can drink too much not knowing their limits. Their brains are still developing and they are not aware of what their tolerance is at such a young age but when you start taking things to the level of drinking out of toilets, in fish tanks, adding fish, mice, drinking out of boots and shoes there comes a point where these SOBER decisions need to have some accountability and these kids are paying with their lives. How does it get this bad that parents are unaware their kids are playing a game of alcohol chicken? I really don’t know. I don’t have teenage children so I can’t say what these parents are doing. I can only hope that the values I have instilled in my kids to this point and will continue to instill in them helps them make choices in the future that would have them deal with social shit talkers over putting their lives in danger.

drinkfoolRight now my kids have heard about this story. Was it a wise decision? I don’t know, only time will tell. But they think it is the dumbest thing ever. I will say that I have paid my son to eat hot peppers and he tries to find the hottest wings on the menu when we go out but he draws the line if you ask him to eat stupid things or disgusting things. There is a big difference between me daring him to try a pepper and having him eat something that will put his life in jeopardy. I don’t hide from my children the things that are going on in the world. I don’t want them to grow up and think that the world is a place of rainbows and unicorns. I want them to grow up knowing what the world really is. I told them about this story and told them what not to do but as soon as I told them they said they were stupid for doing it and it was sad they died but they shouldn’t have been doing stupid stuff when they were drinking.

What would you do if your kids were participating in this game? What would you do if someone sent you a NekNomination? Drink up… I dare you!

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