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Amanda Knox is currently 26 and lives in Seattle. I’m sure after all that’s happened, she regrets ever putting the nickname Foxy Knoxy on the internet. Amanda is the daughter of a math teacher and VP of finances for Macy’s. She graduated in 2005 from Seattle Preparatory High School and that fall started at the University of Washington. In 2007 she attended University for Foreigners in Perugia, Italy. She was to attend the school for one year and study Italian, German, and Creative Writing. While there Amanda got a job at a local spot owned by Patrick Lamumba and by mid-October she was in a relationship with Raffale Sollecito who was an Italian engineering student from Bari, Apulia. Amanda shared a little cottage with 3 other young women. One of those women was Meredith Kercher.images (9)


Meredith was 21 when she died. She was from London, England born to a freelance journalist and a housewife. She graduated from The Old Palace School and went on to the University of Leeds to study politics and Italian. Meredith wanted to be a journalist and like other students decided to study abroad. She enrolled in the University of Perugia and decided to study Modern History, Political Theories, and History of Cinema. Meredith moved into the little cottage on September 10th just 10 days before Amanda.


Though the two were housemates there has been mention they didn’t always get along. I couldn’t substantiate this but let’s face it… you have a house full of females I’m sure there’s going to be some drama.


Meredith and Amanda did spend some time together. There is evidence of them going out on more than one occasion. They would hang out with the guys in the basement apartment of their cottage and it with those guys that they met Rudy Guede who would later be convicted of killing Meredith.


It was around the time the ladies met Rudy that Amanda also started working for Patrick Lamumba at Le Chic. The ladies were living the typical lives of college students in their 20’s. They were making friends, establishing their groups, through working, partying, and building relationships. Although it hasn’t been said Meredith started a relationship there is speculation that there were men after her affection.


images (10)The night that Meredith died she went to a party at her friend’s house which was only about a block away from her cottage. Though Meredith was found in her room there were items missing. This could have been part of an attempt to stage a robbery or the person who killed her could have very well taken her credit cards, both cell phones, and her house keys in an attempt to gain money as well as conceal the scene to avoid detection. One of the phones was found in the neighbor’s yard which is why the police ended up going to the house before Amanda and Raffale called the police.


Police Theory:


The police believe that Amanda, Raffale, and Rudy killed Meredith in some forced sex game fueled by drugs and alcohol that went wrong.


The Evidence:


imagesThere is no evidence that links Amanda Knox or Raffale Sollecito to the murder of Meredith Kercher. Well hold on let me rephrase my statement. There is no DIRECT evidence that links them to the scene. There is however some of Amanda’s DNA mixed with Meredith’s blood located in the bathroom. Now, to any lawyer or anyone reading this for that matter, that can easily be explained away by 2 reasons: reason #1 Amanda lived in the house. Her DNA was all over the place, especially in common areas such as the bathroom. Reason #2 in one of Amanda’s statements to police she said she came home the morning Meredith was found and took a shower and noticed that there was blood droplets in the bathroom but presumed that it was one of her housemates menstrual blood accidentally on the floor. Since Meredith’s door was closed she had no reason to suspect that anything was amiss. All the evidence in the bedroom where Meredith was killed belongs to Rudy Guede. Who like Amanda and Raffale has changed his images (8)story more than once? Rudy’s initial story to police was that he and Meredith were involved sexually that night when he had a case of the bubble guts (not his exact terminology) and ran to the bathroom put his headphones in and let it rip. When he came out Meredith was dead. His most recent version that he used in his testimony against Amanda and Raffale was that he had a sexual relationship with Meredith that night and got the bubble guts and ran to the bathroom (by the way the point of him telling them he had to go to the bathroom was he never flushed and his feces was found in the toilet) while in the bathroom he heard Amanda and Meredith arguing. He heard a scream and when he came out to see what was happening he was attacked by a guy (that would be implicating Raffale). The evidence against Rudy however is overwhelming. His DNA was on her walls, in the bathroom (seriously people if you got time to take a shit after you kill someone flush the damn toilet!), and his DNA was found on the victim herself. His blood was mixed with her blood and found inside her bag (remember I said credit cards, phones, and keys were missing?!) his bloody hand print was also found on her pillow.


The Alibi:


images (7)Well the issue with the alibi for both Amanda and Raffale is that they were not consistent. Neither one had the same story and neither one could keep a story. Raffale has at least 4 stories to account for what happened the night and morning after Meredith was killed. All of them involve him smoking weed which is about the only consistency in his stories. He later stated in a diary that he was so high he doesn’t really remember what happened that night, all he knows is he smoked more than one time that night. He thinks he may have went grocery shopping, he knows his dad called, and he’s pretty sure him and Amanda watched stuff online (what the hell is he smoking that he can’t remember a whole night?!) Amanda’s story also changes more than once. And her story as to why her story changes changed as well (yea read that again and let me know when you figure out what I just said). Amanda has told police that she was with Raffale at his place the night Meredith died and that they ate dinner and watched stuff on his computer and fell asleep and didn’t wake up until about 10:30 the next morning. She then went home, took a shower, ignored the blood drops, and went back to Raffale’s house, they came back to the cottage later and that was when she noticed that the house appeared to have been broken into. Now I don’t know about you but that’s where her story doesn’t make sense… how do you go home and take a shower and NOT notice your house was broken into?


My Theory:


images (4)I used to think that Amanda was innocent and was just an American girl being picked on by a judicial system she knew nothing about. Now I have my doubts. I do not think that she killed Meredith. But I do think she was there. I used to think man this poor girl comes home and finds her roommate dead and doesn’t know what to do how to grieve for someone she’s only known for a short while so she seeks comfort with the only person she has left there and that would be her boyfriend and they gang up on her for that? I still think that is insane to look at the way someone acts after such a horrific crime and determining their guilt based solely off the fact that they hugged and kissed their significant other. But the more I dug into this case, the more information I found, the more I stopped feeling sorry for her and saw her for who she is… a liar. That is not just my opinion, which is proven in her different statements to police and her changing statements to her letters home. After her arrest she wrote many letters home telling family and friends her account of what happened the night Meredith died and those are different from the many accounts she gave police. And the letters she sent home to family and friends are different from each images (1)other. She never told the same story twice. Now yes over time as shock wears off and you get your bearings straight you may start to remember more details but you don’t remember a whole new story. Now I am a firm believer in the saying that there is truth in every lie. I mean how else are you supposed to remember a big ole whopper if you don’t put a little bit of the truth in there? I believe that Jodi Arias told the police her many stories about the death of Travis Alexander there was some truth to her many lies, the same for OJ, Casey Anthony, and dare I say it George Zimmerman (we’ll talk about this later). On more than one occasion Amanda told police she was in the house when Meredith died. I believe this to be true. In those statements she falsely accuses her boss Patrick Lamumba to be the killer. She states that they were all at the house and there was some drinking and she was really drunk and Patrick and Meredith went into the room while she remained in the kitchen. She doesn’t know how much longer after they went into the room but she heard a scream and she covered her ears and crouched down on the floor. In both statements she also said she doesn’t remember anything after that all she remembers is waking up at her boyfriend’s house and coming home to find the door open. So to a point she could very well be telling the truth. Yes she got the “perp” wrong but if you switch Patrick with Rudy you have a very plausible story. Amanda and Raffale could have staged the break images (3)in, in an attempt to hide them being there (note: drunken staging is never a good idea) not knowing that staging the scene would in fact just draw more suspicion on them. You add in alcohol and then going back to his house and smoking some weed to calm their nerves and you have an easy recipe for knocking out for a few hours waking up like what the hell happened? Raffale’s computer shows that there was activity at 5:32am which could’ve been the time they decided to pass out. In one of her statements Amanda wrote “All I know is I didn’t kill Meredith, and so I have nothing but lies to be afraid of”. I think that says a lot right there. I don’t think she killed Meredith either, but I do think she was there and instead of reporting it she tried to stage a scene and hide it.


The Verdict:


Rudy Guede pleaded guilty and was given a 16yrs sentence as part of a plea deal if he testified against Amanda and Raffale. Though he has a 16yrs sentence he could actually be released sometimes this year.



Amanda and Raffale were tried together and were both were convicted in 2009 in primary court of sexual assault, murder, and images (6)simulation of a break in. The way Italian courts work is you are convicted in the primary level but not found guilty until that conviction is confirmed at the secondary level. It is at that level the convictions were overturned in Oct 2011. On March 26, 2013 the acquittal was thrown out and the case was ordered to be retried. The new trial started in Amanda’s absence on September 30, 2013 and on January 30, 2014 they were convicted again. No new evidence or witnesses were presented. The case was tried on the very evidence that they secondary courts felt were insufficient. The ex-couple was sentenced to 28 1/2 years which is 2 1/2 years longer than their original sentence from 2009.


So what do you think really happened on the night of November 1, 2007 when Meredith was brutally stabbed to death? Do you think Amanda played a part in staging a burglary? Do you think she was there? Or do you still think she is an innocent person caught up in a corrupt Italian judicial system?

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2 thoughts on “Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: Foxy Knoxy

  1. Firstly, Helena,
    Both kids (kids at the time) ARE unequivocally innocent.
    Your logic might have been rational if it was just Amanda accused.
    You say Amanda is able to commit this horrific and gory murder, then act normal.
    That can only be described as a sociopath.
    All sociopaths have a predisposition to violence that is apparent from time-to-time to friends and family over the years, Amanda has no predisposition to violence (Rudy Guede has a police record and carried a switch-blade knife).
    But where your logic falls apart is to have the exact same scenario of a second sociopath coincidentally happen to appear (Raffaele) that also has a 100% “good-guy” record all of his life (no predisposition).
    It was also pretty well proven that they would have never even arrested Raffaele (or released him) if he would have lied to help the police (SECRET NEGOTIATIONS).
    It is an obvious Rail-Road job by the Perugian Police and Prosecution!

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