Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me

JWMurder Was The Case That They Gave Me

Come join me in Tampa Florida for a little while. Let me set the scene for you… John Weldon walks into a Gentleman’s Club where he sees Remee Jo Lee. Now John has been in a committed relationship for the past 5 years or so but let’s face it he’s not the only committed man who’s gone to the strip club. And there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t take the girls home with you. That’s not the case with John and Remee. Shortly after meeting they began dating. She did not know that he was in a long term relationship.

John led his double life for approximately six to seven months before things began to unravel. They didn’t fall apart in the way you may think, the women didn’t find out about each other. In fact for John it was worse. Remee got pregnant. Now I’m sure John really freaked out. He had his girlfriend of over 5 years, he came from a wealthy prominent family, and here he was with a pregnant side chic from the strip club.

meettheparentsNow John’s father was a fertility doctor so John had access to all kinds of medicine as well as prescription pads. About 6wks into her pregnancy Remee got sick and went to the doctor and was given antibiotics to treat an infection. It was then that John decided he would end this pregnancy in a way he thought would be undetectable. John used his unknowing father to obtain the abortion pill and told Remee he would get her medicine filled so she could rest. He then swapped her antibiotics for the abortion pills he had stolen from his father’s practice and Remee took them without knowing. Within a few days Remee lost her baby that was 6~7 weeks along. When going over everything with her doctor about why she could’ve miscarried, she told them of her recent infection and gave them the pills she was currently taking. At that time the doctors informed her she had been taking an abortion pill and that had been the cause of her miscarriage. Upon further investigation by the doctors and then police it was discovered that it was John who had swapped the pills without her knowledge and he had stolen those pills from his father.

The FBI originally charged John with murder under the “Unborn Victims of Violence Act”. This act is known as Laci and Connor’s Law which was enacted in 2004 to protect unborn children from assault and murder or any of the 60 crimes listed in the law. Obviously this law came about after the murder and disposal of Laci and Connor Peterson when she was 8mos pregnant in 2003.

JWjailWith John being charged with murder he was now facing a life sentence. His father was being investigated to see if he had any part in his son getting a hold of his medicine and of course Remee, now having to deal with the fact that someone she loved and was building a family with, had just killed their baby without her knowing. However, due to a plea deal John is only going to serve a 13yr 8mos sentence for tampering and other charges for pleading guilty. On his way to jail John apologized to his parents and his girlfriend… never said a word to Remee.

In some cases I think a plea deal is a useful tool to spare tax payer’s money or the victims of a long drawn out process of a trial that could open up painful wounds. However, in this case I think money bought this man a lighter sentence. How does someone who was once facing life end up with just under 14yrs? Do you think if his dad wasn’t a wealthy doctor things would’ve turned out different? Although no one else has come forward, I’m wondering if this is the first woman he has done this to. I mean it takes a sick person to force an abortion on an unwilling person. I’ve heard of guys beating women to force a miscarriage, pushing them down stairs, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of one who switches their medicine and kills their child. I wonder why he didn’t just leave. I’ve heard of many men do that. He could’ve surrendered his rights and had nothing to do with the child if she really wanted to have this baby. So many options that I’m sure in hindsight he’s thinking about. But of course the best option is to never step out on your girl in the first place. None of this would’ve happened if he stuck to the golden rule of the strip club… as Chris Rock says “there’s no sex in the Champaign Room”

I‘d love to know if you think the punishment is fair…

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