SugaWhat’s up Everyone! My name is Suga and I’m Brewcity Express’s Relationship Doctor!

Life gets hard when you add people to it so I’m here to get you through it with the best advice I can give. What I’ve learned is that when it comes to life and love you sometimes need the advice from someone who can remain bias and that’s where I come in!

We can chat about love, life, or relationships! I’m here through it all! I’ve dealt with all types of abuse, alcoholism, and the general ups and downs of relationships. In a past life I sold adult toys so I can offer suggestions and tips on that subject as well. Sex is a topic I am more than willing to dive head first into! (If you get my drift)

I’m here to answer any questions and help you get through your relationships also while blogging about random topics that will hopefully give you some things to think about. No question is too crazy so drop me a line at spicewitsuga@gmail.com and enjoy THE SPICE OF LIFE WITH SUGA!


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