Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: Rock-A-Bye Baby

the good sonRock-A-Bye Baby

How many of us have kids? How many of us have siblings? How many times did we tell our parents growing up we were going to kill our brother or sister or say we wished we were an only child? And how many of our kids have said the same thing?

When I was growing up my sisters had a 9yr age gap from me so when they were walking and talking I was at the age where I didn’t want them around. But I would never think to do anything to put them in harm’s way. My daughter is always saying she wished her brother was a girl or didn’t exist but I can’t imagine her harming her brother in any way except punching him a few times a week.

Now what in the world would make me wonder whether or not your kids or my kids want to do more than punch each other? Well last week I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and came across an article titled “14yr old stabs sister 40 times” I couldn’t believe what I just saw. So of course I read the article and no names were given but this 14 girl stabbed her sister because she felt her sister didn’t appreciate all the things she did for her. When she was done she cleaned herself up and called police and blamed her sister’s attack on an intruder. After locking down the schools and searching the neighborhood and more questioning of the sister she finally broke down and told officers there was no intruder. She killed her younger sister because she didn’t receive the appreciation she felt she deserved from her sibling for doing the younger one’s chores and for helping the younger one by taking care of her when the mom wasn’t there. What in the world does a 14yr old know about appreciation?! *due to age of victim and assailant no names were provided for privacy reasons*

I know what you’re thinking, “Ok, Lena this is an isolated incident of a child who had issues”. But then, I read about other cases that had sibling murders that were linked in the article. One of those cases disturbed me to the core. Don’t get me wrong, any murder case is disturbing but one really rocked me which I will get to after I tell you about Leila Fowler.

Leila was an 8yr old little girl who was allegedly stabbed to death by her 12yr old brother. Isaiah Fowler gave the typical story as the previous child. An intruder came and killed his sister. Police searched for 2wks for a white or Hispanic male with long gray hair with no success. The police were not called to the house by the child. He called his mother, not 911. His mother called police and told them there was an intruder and to get to the house quickly. The mother was not told by her son that her daughter was dead. It took two weeks for police to decide to arrest the 12yr old brother. When they did so, he was turned in by his father who still believes in his son’s innocence.

stick'emI told you there was a story more disturbing than these other two and that is, “The Story of Nehemiah Griego”. Nehemiah’s story goes a little beyond sibling murder but it’s one that needs to be told. This 15yr old killed his whole family. Shortly after 2013 started not long after the Newtown massacre one January morning around 1am, Nehemiah went into his mother’s room where she was sleeping. He located the .22 rifle and shot her In the face. It woke up his 9yr old brother who was sleeping with her. He told his brother their mom was dead and when his brother didn’t believe him, he picked up his mother’s bloody head and turned it to show his younger brother then shot him in the head as well. After that he proceeded to shoot his 5 & 2 year old little sisters and waited till his dad came home from work at5am and then he killed him. He packed up the rifle and their AR 15 with intentions to kill his girlfriend’s parents and shoot up Wal-Mart and die in a shoot out with police. He sent a picture of his mother’s dead body to his girlfriend and they spent the day together as if his family was alive and well. I’m going to say this now… someone should’ve beat his ass growing up! His reason for killing his family was that his mother frustrated him. But his extended family says he’s not a monster. He was well liked in the church where his dad was a pastor and tho he was homeschooled, he was a well liked kid and had many friends and one day he wanted to be in the military like his dad was. Authorities say he had an unhealthy love for violent video games but I say that’s bullshit!

So what causes a child to take sibling rivalry or a simple argument to the extreme of murder? Fuck if I know I’m not a shrink. I do know it’s not video games and rap music. Don’t give me that bullshit about too much violence on TV and too many guns. When I was little I had water guns, cap guns, paper guns, made guns with my fingers, and shot bb guns in the back yard. I lit firecrackers and tried to blow stuff up when my parents weren’t around. I played video games where you got to destroy buildings as a dinosaur, blow up spaceships as a Fox, shoot your opponents go kart with turtle shells to make them crash, and dodge giant bullets being shot at you by a turtle named Bowser. If we stepped out of line, talked back, misbehaved, didn’t clean our rooms, got bad grades, got in trouble at school, the punishment was simple… you got the belt to your behind. So technically we grew up in a more violent time then these children have. I believe parents are too soft on kids. You’re told no spanking, no yelling, don’t harp on negative. So many things you can’t do as a parent because it will scar the child for the rest of their life but instead we’re raising self entitled brats who decide to pull a knife or gun when they don’t get their way. The first time someone doesn’t kiss their ass they jump off the deep end and stab their sister for not being appreciated?! This 15yr old kills his whole family because his mom frustrated him? Can you imagine what would’ve happened had he made it to the military and his instructor told him 50 push ups, oh no now 50 more I didn’t like those 50. He’d turn into another Nidal Hassan and just start killing fellow soldiers. I think discipline is a necessity for kids. Also as a parent you need to be around once in a while. Your kids need guidance, love, and discipline. They cannot raise themselves and they cannot raise their siblings. If you leave them to take care of your duties they will do nothing but resent them.

So what do you think? Do you think times are just too violent? Or are parents not parenting?

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6 thoughts on “Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: Rock-A-Bye Baby

  1. This is a great article! I have a twin and though we’ve had many fights, I could never kill him. That would kill me cuz he’s a part of me. I do agree parents are too easy on kids. Our generation is much tougher and our parents’ before us.

    1. My honest feelings about this is that these kids were not disciplined. The last story about the kid who killed his whole family, the child had never been scolded, they wanted him out of jail after he killed everyone, they coddled him and it has backfired. I think parents are too soft I am constantly seeing articles on my newsfeed saying don’t yell at your kids, don’t spank them, don’t ground them, don’t don’t don’t and how when they are bad you need to make sure you accentuate the positive (which I do) but the world isn’t sunshine and rainbows and these parents are breeding kids to expect something for nothing and when they don’t get it we have mass shootings or kids killing their parents.

  2. I completely agree. Parents are supposed to prepare their children for the big world out there that isn’t gonna hold your hand or care about your feelings. Parents gotta toughen up cuz this world will swallow these kids up if they aren’t prepared.

  3. jazzmineisugarbear is so very right!! It’s a big world full of a lot of diversities! Children need to be raised with respect and have respect! Preparedness is a necessity that cannot be ignored!! I grew up in a family of eight, and you seriously needed to learn the ability to coincide:) We had fun birthday parties!!!

    1. Beautifully said Sharon! There are too many with a lack of respect for themselves and others. And their lack of preparedness is astounding! Trophies for all the losing teams so everyone feels good… life don’t care how you feel! We’re setting them up for failure. A family of 8? That’s gotta have a ton of perks and downfalls.

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