Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: Stupid Is as Stupid Does

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Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Many have seen the picture floating around of the internet supposedly of a gun dealer refusing to sell to Obama supporters. If you haven’t seen this image here you go…

Now, I wish I could say this was some type of social media hoax or misinformation, but unfortunately it’s not. It seems that the more evolved our society becomes the more ignorant we become as well. Now I asked myself can we really evolve but still be ignorant and the answer is YES! If a monkey can learn sign language and still fling its poop then obviously, we as a society most certainly can advance in certain ways while still lacking in others.

So how did we elect a mixed president if we’re still stuck in the 50′s when it comes to race? Simple; there’s more of us than there are of them. We decided to take a stand and actually get out there and vote for someone WE wanted in the office. The youth got out there, the moms who are typically too busy got out there, factory workers left early to get out the there, everyone who was registered to vote made it out. We made it happen. For once when we didn’t like something, the next time the chance came to change it we took it.

However, even though the majority of Americans have spoken and elected a mixed race man into office, there is still nonsense like this going on all over the country. This particular sign is rumored to be from a gun show in Ohio. I couldn’t verify the origins so I don’t want to give it too much credit but signs like this do exist. Ohio isn’t the only state refusing to sell to Obama supporters. Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, and Indiana have had similar signs like this pop up as well. Now some may think “ok people were bitter when he was first elected” but these signs are recent and have been popping up between 2012 and 2013. Some of these states refuse to sell to blacks and some refuse to sell to Obama supporters because of his desire for stricter gun policy. Here is where the stupidity comes in: dealer feels Obama is infringing on their Second Amendment right with laws that have yet to be passed so they will infringe on the Second Amendment rights of the people who put him there. Yea that stupid logic makes perfect sense! Um NO! The people in Ohio refusing to sell to Obama supporters for whatever moronic reason or another seem to forget that Ohio was one of the states that elected him to a second term. These people are so dumb they are willing to let their livelihood fall by the wayside then sell a weapon to someone with money because of who they voted for or because of what their skin color is. Blood is red and money is green whether I’m Republican or Democrat, if I’m black or white. These people are ok with putting their families at risk whether it be income, arguments, threats, just to make it seem like they are better than someone when in fact they have stooped down to the very levels JFK and MLK and Medgar Evers and many other civil rights leaders wanted to rise above and get rid of. Calling into question our intelligence and capabilities to operate a firearm because of who we vote for or is it because of WHAT we voted for? Are they pissed because Obama suggested gun reform after a theater attack and 20 kids lost their life in one year or is it because a black man suggested it?

I don’t agree with weapon reform and that’s where my connection with these idiots stops. The president came from Chicago which has the nation’s most stringent gun laws but the most violent gun crimes. Changing our rights won’t stop those who are fucked up in the head and decide to dress up and go to a movie theater or college campus or God forbid a school. And I’m sure we all lived in the ghettos and visited the hood so we know the gang bangers and drug dealers don’t consult the most recent gun laws and register their weapons before their weekend summer drive by’s or revenge murders or initiation killings. So in all honesty what will gun reform do but strip us of our ability to protect ourselves? Is that what these morons are trying to do as well when they prevent certain people from buying their weapons legally? Leaving those unable to defend themselves hoping someone will knock employees off? Or maybe just maybe my intelligence is giving them too much credit. Maybe the simple reason is they’re just monkeys flinging their poop.

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