Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND


Let’s take a moment to get to know each other. My nickname is Lena I am a 30yr old mother of an 8yr old girl and 10yr old boy. I live in sunny warm Florida now for the past 5 years. Prior to that, I lived in Maryland. I’ve lived in Chicago, Milwaukee, and California. I am a Navy Veteran. I did intelligence for them and worked in the much hated offices of NSA. Not everything you hear is true. I’ve been married to Chris for 8yrs and when I’m not threatening to kill him on my Facebook page we’re actually friends. Like any couple we’ve had issues. And like any parent my kids drive me crazy! I’m disabled in the fact that I have so many health issues I’m unable to work and it drives me insane! My daily life is always juggling a home, a child with ADHD, my health issues, the kid’s homework, and of course dinner.


I’ve been writing my whole life but it wasn’t until a few years ago that Alice (my pseudonym) and my very own Wonderland came to life. As a mother you need to be strong and hold yourself together for the kids. When I got really sick I needed a way to vent. As a joke I had been called Alice by a friend and the world was my Wonderland. Reality was mine to make of it what I wanted it to be. To mold the world to what I needed and wanted out of life. Well I took to writing as Alice. I needed to have emotion, I needed to be angry at someone for my cancer, I needed to be weak, but Lena couldn’t because she was mom and caregiver. So that’s how my Alice in Wonderland came about.


In Wonderland you will get everything unfiltered, balls to the wall writing. And I hope I get the same type of responses back from you. I may not always be right and I’m ok with that. Wonderland is my view of the world without the rose colored glasses. If the shit stinks I’m going to say it. I’m not politically correct. I’m not polite. Chances are I’m going to offend someone. But instead of being offended and never reading my articles again, take a minute and think about what it is that offends you. My goal in Wonderland is to spark conversation and thought. Maybe one day change. If it’s change in me, great! If it’s change in you, great! I hope that you stay with me thru this journey and even if I offend you (I’m sure its’ gonna happen to someone) that you continue this journey. I’m always open to discuss topics and I’m open to suggestions if there’s anything you’d like me to report on.


The articles in Wonderland will be centered on news, law, crime etc. I studied Criminal Justice and continue to review case law on a regular basis. I do follow trials and keep up with the news daily. If there is a controversial issue, chances are I’m looking into it. I look forward to sharing my twisted views of reality with you.

If you would like to be featured in our Q&A sessions with Helena, feel free to contact her with your questions or opinions via email at Wonderlandbce@gmail.com. In the meantime, you can catch new posts of Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND every Mondays & Wednesday exclusively on Brewcityexpress.com.


One thought on “Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND

  1. Hey can ya email me your articles to read or send me a link to it??? I am quite interested in reading what you think!!

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