WGMG XV: Heavier Things

katt-williams-kids-endagermentMarch 30, 2013 at 2:12am

“From the first day I started doing these “What Grinds My Gears” rants, I got a lot of shock and awe over the comments and jabs that I would take at people. However… I would like to think there are some revelations that I offer in these that can surpass the humor shared within. Otherwise all of ours are going down the drain like Rodney King swimming lessons… (Too soon?)” -Mr. Williams

The Curious Case of Katt Williams – The harsh reality we all have to face is that, there is something going on in their world that we will never see unless we are in their position of power. It is like having access to all the dark and dirty secrets of every famous role model and big money charity donor, yet be told to conduct yourself outside of your character in order to succeed. That’s enough to drive anyone crazy! Look at Katt Williams… This is a man who became a household name in places you wouldn’t even see pimps! This man made a name for himself, so you cannot call him weak or crazy. That’s that textbook Hollywood tactic. Dismissive Bullshit 101 I believe it’s called. They do this every time somebody is considered a threat to the idea of being famous; they call them crazy and begin tallying up moments when these people get provoked just to stir up the notion to leave these people alone. These are people that have been pissing off some pretty powerful people in high places that want these folks f***ed over with the quickness. I’m not saying Katt hasn’t made it easier to attract this attention on himself but, I’ll be damned to admit that he’s a f***ing victim. If you choose to either, get Mayor Marion Barry high all the time, slap workers in Target on a whim, pull guns out on your comedian friends, have nervous breakdowns on stage in front of sold out crowds or make wild accusations about people more powerful than you; Then you may end up on the sh*t list of all shit lists. (R.I.P. JFK, R.I.P. 2Pac, R.I.P. Dr. King, R.I.P. Malcolm X, R.I.P. Marilyn Monroe, ect….) But to label him crazy or sick and stick a fork in him is a foul gesture to me. He made it this far off of his mind and talent, so how crazy and sick could he possibly be? Maybe it is the environment that they are living in is a little f***ed up beyond their control. Is that the definition of a sick person? You’re right!! Yes, he’s on drugs!! Baggies full of dope to match his binder full of bitches, but you got to look at this for what it really is… Another celebrity bites the dust for saying to damn much.


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