WGMG XIX: Worst Behavior

Blues Brothers 4

October 26, 2013 at 3:33pm

Worst Behavior–

People ask me all the time;

“Mr. Williams?”


“Why your rants always talking about entertainment stuff and less politics?”

“How the f— did you get in my house! Put my muthaf—in’ computer down!”

First off, I talk about “entertainment stuff” because that is what art has become, mostly for entertainment purposes. Have you seen the bullish on that damn idiot box in your bedroom lately? The Government had people in an uproar by cutting off food stamps and head start, right? Then they had a store in Mansfield, LA that gave them people unlimited stamps. Those were zombies that were in Walmart packing carts to the top by the tons, swiping the strip off them thin som’ bitches. When you look at some of the popular shows that ended as of the last few years, they represented something that Hollywood promoted it’s American veiwers to become. Just a bunch of bad attitude bishes, with no ability to hold a steady relationship but have a talent for twerkin’ and poppin off on other fake bishes and a bunch of over sensitive f**k boys, with an exaggerated sense of fashion, no respect and bad table manners… (Oooooo, kill’em!) Yeah, I said it! If you really think about it, art does more than imitate life, it influences it as well. If I was more of a conspiracy theorist I would assume the position that the government shutdown because, it watched “The Purge” and placed bets on which state would start killing each other first. Sadly, Michigan won. The government is watching all of us. (All of us?) ALL OF US! They are watching me and my posts, my uploads, my downloads, my wall, my confessions even my bitstrips. But, to hear how I feel about them doing this… Well, I’ll get back to you on that when we’re in a safer location to talk. (Yeah, it’s like that out here). They have been on a search and seizure mission in residential areas apparently like its Michael J. Fox throwing darts during happy hour. (For those that may have missed the meaning of that last line, the famous former child star and spokesman for Parkinsons disease announced that while retired from acting he developed a drinking problem to cope with his time off. I mean, really imagine a person with parkinsons, drunk as hell, continuously shaking and on top of it all trying to throw a dart at a bullseye… Too soon?) Maybe. But the real thing treading on the shaky side (dammit man, stop it with the parkinson puns!) I promise will. The real thing off to a bad start is this Obamacare site that finally got up and running before it crashed as quick as the N.Y. Giant’s 2013/14 season. Why theythought that a site dedicated to signing 50,000 applicants at a time would be sufficient, beats the hell outta me like a federal prisoner in Guantanamo. I mean with all that time they spent fighting to get this approved in the big house, you would have thought a few supporters would have stayed behind to get the site working to maximum potential. But even if it did, why is it that this is “pushed” on to people as an “affordable” “option” if the damn thing really isn’t that affordable? In other words, I feel like this Obamacare is slowly weeding out the lower class to the point that, whatever is left out of the majority of the middle classers, they will see an increase in the pricing. Weeding them out until there is nothing left but good looking, healthy air breathing rich folks telling you to “Turn up” while your insurance keeps getting “Turned Down” (turn down for what?) CAUSE YOU’RE BROKE! REMEMBER?! MUFF***AS NEVER LOVED US!!


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