WGMG XIV: Sweet Baby Yeezus!!!


March 29, 2013 at 1:32am

“So “The Host” is basically “Wife Swap” re-aired on SyFy? Oh WTF!?!?!? Next you’ll tell me that there is another “Star Wars” movie coming out. You know what shut the f*** up talking to me!!!”

-Mr. Williams

WWKKD? – People are going to learn one day. You’ve heard this time and time again whenever this family or this woman’s name is brought up. By now you have to believe that the Kardashian vagina is like a bottomless wormhole filled with all the things for black men to plummet into nothingness and mediocrity. You just have to!!! It’s filled with Stalactites. Record Labels Executives. TMZ cameraman contact lists. DASH job applications. Just all kinds of shit from beyond Beverly Hills and understanding!!! Did you know that if you sing any three words off of Kim’s song recordings in a mirror, she will appear, marry you and divorce you for half of your shit in a mere 20 minutes? F***ed me up, too!!! I was shocked. I don’t even know any of shit! I’m scared to hear it now. You know something isn’t right, look at their lives! They have a robot for a father, offspring all over the California and Miami, and any magazine subscription you will ever have will avoid other important news, to alert you whenever Kourtney has her feelings hurt by her husband Scotty McBooger Balls. By the time it sinks in that you are a part of this circus for the long haul you’re losing your shit on the job and snapping at close friends for no reason other than the fact you’ve realized that you’ve made a huge mistake. You got to cutt’em off. You see Kris Humphries may be in a f***ed up position, but he’s there because of his dignity. He was faithful, she wasn’t. His wife is engaged and pregnant by his team owner’s label mate and big brother (still maybe? Too soon?). She orders him to file for a divorce and pay the fee to leave. He says, “Bitch, you cheated, you roamed, you file and you leave. If I get traded then I get traded. Till then ya’ll leave me the hell alone so I can continue to do something with this f***ing team.” Maybe he said something like that. That’s what I would have told her if I was him. I didn’t read the transcripts, exactly. But I knew what it said before even seeing the shit, anyway! Now, me being a Hov fan since ’96, I would like to think he looked at his productivity and after allowing the staff to make the trades they needed to bring them from almost last place in the league last year, to a contending 4th place in the Eastern Conference. Got to cutt’em off. Remember Reggie Bush? He broke up with Kim, after that year, him and the Saints went to the Super Bowl and decapitated every player for pennies and nickels to bring back a trophy. CUTT’EM OFF!! Lamar Odom(aka Snuffy) may have it ok. But it’s hard to tell because he seems to have some emotional issues with his separation from the Lakers that leaves me to think… “Whatever, f*** you.


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