pill_manMarch 27, 2013 at 12:47am

“Listen to a song called “Dr. Aden” by B.O.B. and tell me if you still think it’s safe to trust doctors in any country… Especially, this one.”


The Cure – In my time here on this earth, I have realized that I am not as healthy as I once was or assumed. I understand that now we have advancements in technology that allows us to multitask and complete things we never thought imaginable. We wanted a faster way of traveling from town to town and we built transportation, we wanted a to talk to people that weren’t with us physically and we built the telephone, we wanted a cure for diseases and we built a bunch of shit that needs tech support to understand how to fix. In a way, making medicine is kinda like making a new cell phone. If I say I have an iPhone 6 coming out that will give you larger memory and a clearer camera, you’ll line up around the corner and pay your child support money on it. But when you get it, you’re hit with the side effects. No apps, chargers or sync cables are available for the first 3 months. That means no downloading, no battery life to enjoy it and nothing works with it in your various systems. And when these accessories do come out to adapt it to your life, you can barely afford it because the phone already was too damn much. That how these pharmaceutical companies get you with their so-called cures. They treat us like guinea pigs with these new so-called medicine and then turn around and sell the most profitable for cheap overseas while we pay an arm and a leg and give up our first borns to get through the f***ing day. I know they just cured a baby of HIV with some new sh*t, but how long do you think it will take before the side effects to this cure become public? What about the price? Think about that… Til then, you can keep those wonder pills you’re selling. If I get that sick, just do like they did in the old days and tie my sick ass to pike out in the desert and leave me to take my chances with the f***ing crows. That way if I do end up with powers like Brandon Lee (RIP), I can come back and terrorize those greedy bastards for the rest of their days. Crime pays very well, especially when you can make it look legal…


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