WGMG XI: Fifty Heads of Grey


March 26, 2013 at 12:33am

“I Am Not A Human Being II”… Should’ve called it, “I Am No Longer Giving A F***”. NEXT MC, PLEASE!!!

How Much Is That Cougar In The Window? – This is the dumbest expression used for older women that go for younger men. Who gave them this name and why? Now you see late hour commercials of these chicks gardening and trying to catch over the phone, like these heffas don’t have doctor’s appointment in the morning. They’ll be in their love seat they bought from Ashley’s Furniture, adjusting their reading glasses and typing away online to who might very well be their hair stylist’s son. Just chatting like she doesn’t go to bed at 7pm, to be up by 5am, to catch Matt Lauer on The Today Show. Its not like I’m knocking what can happen between two people between the hours of noon and 7pm… Depending on who has class and who has the doctors appointment in the morning. Look, I know that sometimes, old or young, you are going to be attracted to whomever… Whenever. But when you look at the number of successful relationships with a huge age gap that you know, I would hope and pray you know for sure it’s worth it. Trust me. You don’t want no parts of the things flings bring now a days. I mean love is love and all, and as long as it is legal and for the right reasons, with good intentions, a reference from a pastor, bishop or rabbi and both parties are consenting adults. Do they have a cool name for older men that go after younger women? Oh yeah! “Hey you old, creepy bastard! Get the f*** away from my daughter!” seems to be the phrase that pays for that scenario as far as I know. What animal name do older men get? “Girl, I told you to stop f*****g with them Wombats. You know they come from the struggle!?!?” Or, “Leave that Grizzly ass n**** alone! He already has a dead-eyed daughter thats the same age as your old ass mama!!! EWWWW!!!!” I’m just saying, maybe these relationships get a bad wrap because majority of these in the past end with heartbreak and confusion. Just look at Demi Moore, Terry McMillan… And she wrote about how it could work, just to divorce him over 10 years later once he became officially an older person, too. Some loves are meant to blossom into greatness, and some loves just isn’t love at all… It can sometimes look like it’s out of convenience. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN HEART. Nobody, no matter how old they or you are, will be any better at it than YOU.


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