WGMG X: Hi Rihanna…


March 24, 2013 at 11:18pm

I’m a simple man. I enjoy the simple things life. If you ask anyone that knows me, they’ll tell you they had a lot of fun with the simple things in life, too… And also that I don’t like bullsh*t. Ever. Come to think of it, I’ve never been a fan of the Vatican, either…

Roc-A-Rubbers – Anybody remember when condoms were simple and the most it did for women you used them on was taste like food or glow in the dark. Other than that the obvious key attribute was keep you out of the mommy/daddy title before you were ready. I remember when friends made sure you had a condom before you went anywhere, just in case. Now I see more and more people catching more and more STDs by more and more idiots are acting like if they catch anything life threatening, Obama is gonna send Navy Seals in to kill that too. Besides, the condom companies are on some other shit than glow in the dark Kanye condoms. NO. Now condoms change taste, lubricate themselves and her at the same damn time, vibrate, ribbed for his, her and random guest’s pleasure. It’s so ridiculous it’s actually funny… Why? Because it’s almost comedic! I mean why not just take it to the max and make a condom that will f*** for you? You don’t even have to be there for it, you just type her or his address in it’s GPS and it can put the gas in your car, it can go see her/him for you, have sex on it’s own, most likely have an argument for you for not staying the night and, you can probably have it stop and grab some milk on the way home to tell you how it went since you had all this free time to catch up on Scandal, Modern Family or “Sons of Anarchy” season 5 (R.I.P. Obie). Even with all the bells and whistles literally installed to it, people are using them less frequently, if at all. That’s disgusting. There was a video I saw of a Maury Pua… Uh. Poe… Um. Yeah, Maury had a 23 yrs old female on his show that was sleeping with a 14 yrs old boy in her neighborhood and got pregnant. Relax… When they tested the boy for paternity of the child, turned out the baby wasn’t his. Now I know a lot of people are going to look at that like he dodged a bullet, but I’m gonna go a little further. If he’s not the father, then that means that around the same time of committing this crime unprotected, she was also having unprotected sex with God knows how many others during a very small timeframe (possibly three weeks) while still sleeping with this child. A very funny blogger who’s name I don’t remember had the following line to say on the matter, “… She was down with giving him a STD before he even got to take his SATs.” The number of people living with a STD in this country… Let alone in this state of Wisconsin have never been higher than they are now. At the rate we’re going, these horny, impatient sum’bitches is gonna f*** around and bring back every damn disease that used to kill us on the game, Oregon Trail. Wrap That Sh*t Up, B!!!!


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