WGMG VIII: Buried Alive


March 23, 2012 at 5:12pm

If you were in a pine box/I would surely pick the lock/I’d jump right in and fall asleep/because you are the death of me…

These are the views and opinions of Mr. Williams and do not reflect the views and beliefs of any other entities associated with Mr. Williams. All comments directed toward this post are in response of those independent thoughts only. The following post contains some aggressive language and may involve opinions that may be viewed as offensive. Reader’s discretion is advised.

What’s up FB? With ya’ll scandalous asses. I know some of ya’ll been wondering when ya’ll would get another one of these alerts saying “That crazy n***a running off at the mouth again”. While the rest of ya’ll are like “Why did I get an alert about this”. Oh well, you might as well read about it now. You’re already here… This is a very special WGMG, mainly because this is the end. That’s it! No more after this. So if you’ve had the liberty of reading these for the past 8 years, I thank you for staying tuned for so long and allowing me to pour my insanity on to your screens and joining me in raising our frustrations to the heavens above and while cursing out the many stalactites hanging in hell below. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve argued and joined forces on so many issues in this world. So much has changed since the last entry and now, 2012 is finally here. The moment of truth is upon us. You know, I took a long look at world and, you know what happened? I realized that I lost that which grinds My Gears. I searched everywhere. Read every story, watched every bit media and nothing. I even reminisced on my own life. Still couldn’t find it. I think I’ve become so used to being disappointed that I’ve become numb in the face of idiocy.

In April, I will turn 30 years old. It actually has become a very pensive period in my life. It also allowed me to realize that … The world has gotten by with a lot of bullsh*t over the vast generation of our existence. I’m serious, because those in charge have an uncanny ability to lie about anything in order to hide the truth. America was founded on a lie built upon more lies. And now we operate our lives off of lies every day. Some of you reading this just got through lying to somebody before you logged on to Facebook. Columbus discovered America after Native Americans were already living there. Ain’t that a b*tch?! And he got a f**king holiday too!!! In the beginning of the U.S. Constitution says “… In order to create a more perfect union…” What the fuck is more perfect than just perfect??? If that doesn’t prove they were on some other shit from Jump Street, I don’t know what will. The lives have never stopped either. We’ve been lying to each other before that. Jews couldn’t kill Jesus if the Romans were in charge of who lived and who died back then. The Romans had a choice and they made it. Mel Gibson didn’t know what the f**k he was talking about. I bet you’re like “How do you know”? Because there are too many different stories told about it. That’s how they cover the shit up when it’s an inside job. Look at Lady Diana and how they pulled that hit on her. You know damn well that old golden girl, the Queen, with that ugly ass son of hers, Prince Charles? They did that shit! They hated Lady Diana’s pretty ass! They were jealous of her! She was the most popular woman England had ever known since the Queen’s old ass. And they really hated when they found out she was with that mixed man, because they won’t even mention the fact they died side by side. Instead they tried to lie about her being with another British man. Bullshit!!! F**k the royal family!! F**k’em all!!! Yeah I said it. They killed her like we killed JFK, MLK, Lincoln, Malcolm X, Betty Shabazz, Don Cornelius, 2pac, BIGGIE, Ricky from Boyz N The Hood, Nicole Simpson, Marilyn Monroe, MJ, Emmitt Till, Kurt Cobain. All of them and many more. Dead. No clues, no witnesses, no investigation. When they want you dead, they waste no expense to get rid of you. It’s fuckin sad…

I was watching the Casey Affleck mock-umentary “I’m Still Here” the other night and as I laughed at the stupidity in the concept of a two-time Academy Award Nominee leaving the acting world to pursue a Hip-Hop career, I began to realize the I wasn’t following the fool but I was watching what happens to myself and so many others that want to try new things, chase dreams and venture into different territory. We do our hardest to destroy people we don’t understand and if we can’t have the superstar we want then we’ll create one. Seriously, look at Jeremy Lin for example. He stepped into the starting lineup for the Knicks and became an overnight sensation by doing exactly what he was supposed to do. He was all over the sports talk, sports magazines and on the tongues of sports analysts everywhere. But was Lin-sanity was just one big excuse to use a bunch of recycled racist Chinese jokes that the public chose to forget about. It’s like ESPN and others were so GUNG HO about using stereotypical puns til the wheels fell off. That was some bullshit and ya’ll know it. You know you love the rags to riches stories but you hate the message you’re left with afterwards. He can help our team win… And with our turnovers he can help your team win, and your team and even yours. Now I’m not hating, Lin is good but he is better off the bench to add points to Melo’s punk ass stats and the rest of the Knicks. You know what? F**k the Knicks!!! Amare plays like he has polio. Melo can’t even do shit else on the court but shoot bullshit and complain. You know your organization is shot to shit when the coach quits in the middle of an already short season. New York needs to just go ahead and get that red phone out, trade Amare and call Patrick Ewing to come play the rest of the season. But really, who cares? F**k the NBA!!! F**k sports, period!!! Thunder, Heat, Bulls or Thunder will win anyway. Oklahoma is waaaaaaaaay too deep of a team to lose to anyone this year. It’s over…

These organizations claim they’re striving for change in the world but they are steady doing more shit to fuck it up. Why do we sell water? We have water flowing through America freely and these tycoons getting rich off of selling shit you can get for free daily. And got the nerve to let the news media report water shortages to people out washing their cars and shit. In the last ten years, they’ve said more inaccurate and offensive shit on the news then on any sitcom or reality show. Speaking of KONY 2012, look, I’m all for saving the youth from being a warlord’s foot soldiers. But are we saving them from war or are we saving them for Angelina Jolie? That big lipped mulatto b*tch got so many different damn kids, they think she running a sweat shop to keep those lips puffy. And ya’ll so bogus, talking about she’s too skinny, she’s not eating. With 9 kids in that house eating all kinds of shit, do you really think there is anything left for her to snack on? The skinny b*tch needs nutrients too! Celebrities ain’t shit either. They co-signing the sh*t outta that KONY campaign like they got nothing else to do this Christmas. Oprah’s skinny-fat ass, Ellen, Clooney and Jay-Z, to name a few. Those four alone could fund the shit outta this themselves. I mean, the plan is to find the fool before Xmas breaks. But my question is if he gets away do we get our donation back? Because when these people get behind some shit, a lot of money goes in but what comes out stays with them while we get stuck with a T-Shirt and some punk ass trinkets to remember when we actually used to give a sh*t about what used to happen in the world. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the KONY project ain’t shit, I’m just saying that the project seems a little suspect to me. When the warlord you’re looking for is no longer residing in the location we’re funding to search in, red flags come up. When the co-founder is too busy to run damage control for your campaign because he’s out in the streets, drunk, beating his own dick for answers, RED FLAGS!!! Did you read that shit??? That’s where your money is really going… That and Cash for Gold.

There has been plenty of talk about this upcoming election circulating this year. I don’t know why!!!! You need to vote for me anyway. No other party has found one credible, intelligent and relevant candidate to beat either myself or President Obama out of another term. But I will say this. Some of you that have legitimate reasons to dislike Obama would get a lot of his supporters (black folks) on your side if you just did one simple thing. This one tactic would win your party the presidency, Imma tell you… Shut the f**k up. That’s it. That is it!! Don’t put up no more racist condescending bumper stickers just to say keep a nigga out of office, no more comments on Michelle’s booty and hips, don’t ask Obama if he prefer spliffs or blunts when you see how purple the nigga lips are! You will not trap him up into doing some bullsh*t in front of the world. These people want to embarrass the man so that no other minority will ever have the Presidential seat again. They want him to pull a Ron Artest or a Meta Beta Pita N***a (whatever the f**k he calls himself now!) and brawl out during a press conference. But it won’t happen and if they did shut the f**k up, you would watch his own people turn on him. Because, honestly, we just expected some seriously epic shit to pop off in these four years, like some reparations for slavery, 2pac and Biggie’s killers found, more jobs, better healthcare, a new Dr. Dre album, Cadillacs to go down to half price, big breasted white women named Becky working as a house maid like in The Help, making black families all kinds of pies and meals while her husband Phillip has to wash all them Cadillacs and Lincolns, water the grass and watch as our younger cousins, older brothers and uncles berate and sexually harrass Becky while Phillip watches in disgust. A lot of us expected to have white slaves named Becky and Phillip by the third year into his first term. And it wasn’t us it was those damn Tea Party nut jobs hyping us up to think it was gonna be like that. Besides, the Tea Party Rebels fell off so quick after a while. It was as if they weren’t even viewed as controversial anymore. It’s like once you begin spewing out nothing but ignorance, that’s all you’re remembered for. There’s some dust kicked up at first and then that’s all that’s expected of you until you f**k around and have somebody to make up shit about you like “OJ Simpson being your real daddy”

Relationships are hard enough w/o other people jumping in to add their two bits and change, claiming they’re trying to help. Believe me. I was lucky enough to fall for a special kind of woman and we’ve been hanging in there through it all since 2010. I love her so much and she encourages me to shock the world everyday and trusts me to be a success in my work, education and as a father. Just imagine being in a relationship like that in front of the whole damn world. Bobby & Whitney didn’t stand a chance. Bill & Hillary neither. Then there’s Will & Jada, now they can actually make it, but only if people would just stop focusing so much on what they do on their own time. So they’re swingers and they like to hump other celebrity couples. SO WHAT!?!?!? Yeah they’re swapping sexual partners! BIG DAMN DEAL!!! You bet they’re going both waysOK MAYBE THEY ARE A COUPLE OF FREAKS with a young boy that looks like a sister, the little girl that looks like a booger and a young man that smartly stays as far away from all that bullsh*t!!! But it is our obsessive nature to know everything another person is doing that is making relationships hard on us. WHY?? A good relationship is the foundation for which you become the very people that you used to say you hoped to be like. I remember looking at Ossie Davis (R.I.P.) and Ruby Dee and saying how it would be beautiful to have a woman that would (or could) stay by my side that long. What does the majority want their relationships to resemble? Is it Jay & Beyonce? Let me guess, you want their wealthy life right? But think of the personal part of it. Yeah I couldn’t live with the fact that most of the people I grew with would grow to hate my guts, become a billionaire and be forced to give 40% of it away because of a checkered past and my skin tone. And then for my wife to go through life being viewed under a microscope for every blemish she may or may not have, to barely ever spend time together only to find sporadic times to be gawked at by assholes who’s only contribution to our fame is that they keep the public eye on you so that you remain famous, to have speculation about whether our kids are really ours or if we just faked her pregnancy all together. That’s before the public finally pushes us past the brink of self destruction and I end up falling from grace and the balcony of our penthouse apartment and she’s found in the bathroom overdosing underwater at the bottom of a marble bathtub. Sounds familiar? I kind of figured it would.

Yet as the world keeps turning I continue to struggle with the notion that we hate the truth out here because shit will come tumbling down around us all if we knew the shit that they knew. They’re telling us what looks good on us. They’re telling us what good music is and what a good movie is. They’re telling us what bullshit will make our lives better, but if I refuse to drink the Kool-aid, then I’m a hater. Get the f**k outta here!!! Tight pants on a man makes you look like you’re desperate for dick or that you have fun making your booty clapThat’s how I feel. I think that we need to stop selling fur coats to niggas… Oh well. Sorry. Your coat looks like it came from Orangutans and James Brown’s pubic hair to most of us! Do people beef with each other for real or is it to help they’re careers. You know, get them over on the audience. Do two light skinned n****s really have any legitimate reasons to be angry towards each other? I’ll be more specific. Can a lyrical hippie and an emo-sounding monkey Muppet have an actual beef on wax to hold the attention of millions? Still confused? Ok. Is Common and Drake’s rap beef worth any…? You know what? Fuck it. I’ll just cut that short. The answer for all is NO. You know I missed the moment when being an MC meant you no longer had to prove anything to anyone else even when you say you’re the greatest, best or hottest in the game. Hip-Hop is still an art form but it was also built on competition. The same kind of competition that is strongly lacking in the music today is why way too many yes men in the music biz now turning the art in to bullsh*t.

Though the world changes, some shit stays the same. It’s like the more strides you make toward the future the quicker reality hits you. When a 14 year old is murdered by an armed idiot posing as top flight security of the gottdamn world (ignorant son of a b*tch), is when you realize that you live in a world that fears you. It’s like so common to have a city under siege because of a hoodie wearing thug, strapped with an Arizona bottle and a bag of f**king Skittles. I’m sure if he would have had some pop rocks and a pez dispenser on deck the Navy Seals would have took that green light a long time ago. But what is disheartening is the fact that some people don’t even care. The police, for reasons I will never understand, have done everything to sweep this under the rug. Why is it that the people in charge of upholding justice are always the main ones doing everything to prevent justice from being done? It’s like the numbness I feel continues to spread throughout us like a disease infesting us into emotionless zombies destroying everyone around us. In the words of the great Laurence Fishburne, “Boy, you need to check that alarm clock and wake the f**k up”.

Maybe, we need to just go ahead and disconnect the internet, the radio and the TV. Maybe we should just go ahead and shut the whole system down and go back to the days before all this technology. It seems like times were much easier and less complicated before all this connectivity. You can call me crazy all you want, but you want to continue trusting in a system that convinces you that the world is going through a water shortage but everywhere else in this country, we’re selling water by the case loads in stores al across America. Now don’t get me wrong, I still do believe that the original recipe for KFC chicken was stolen by the Colonel from a slave named Jubilye, that being said, I’ve come to a crossroad in my life. My rage against the establishment and what it stands for is overflowing because of the growing sense of sorrow that I feel in times like this. Sorrow for the family and friends of Trayvon, but the family and friends of the shooter. He was wrong and we all know it but that will haunt him for the rest of his natural life. It will haunt us all as a reminder of what we still are as a society and how far we have left to go. So where is that which used to grind my gears for 8 years of our lives? Maybe it’s still there, buried deep, rumbling inside the pit of my stomach and raging inside my heart. Only time will tell if it ever resurfaces for the world to see but initially all things must come to an end in order to transcend the bullsh*t. Mainly because you can’t take none of it with you when you go. Which is special to me because the older I get the more I realize that there will be a good chance I won’t be around for all the many trials and successes my daughter will face throughout her life. And as much as I am acceptant of that, it sucks because I wish I could be there forever. Because I know she would become a great success in life someday. So for now, I will let go of that which has kept me bound under anger all this time so that maybe, just maybe, we all can finally get over the bullshit and rise to the expectations we have set for each other. And as for those grinded up gears, they may be a little torn and worn out but I’ll place them in a little boat, send it off the shore across from me to this little piece of land where those who remain forever young lay their heads during the day only to go bump in the night. It may not stay there forever but it may do some good for someone else. Besides I hear those kids wear crowns over there and everything is alright.


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