WGMG VI: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth


May 21, 2011 at 6:50pm

Apparently, it was announced that between the hours of 5:30pm-7pm, the Rapture will take place marking the beginning of the end of the world. A man who predicted this event is a family program radio host that made this same prediction back in 1994 and it seems he got his numbers straight just in time to warn us all 11 days before the actual date….. So….. Where do we go from here? Is it safe to say that it sounds farfetched? Of course. Is it possible that he’s right? Maybe. But let’s really take a look at what we are talking about here…. We are talking about a day where GOD calls ONLY 144,000 of his real Christians home before Armageddon on earth. Now if any of you know the BIBLE than you would know that number. Because it doesn’t say 144,000 American, or 144,000 good white Christians, or 144,000 Jews. Not even 144,000 proud black people. It only says 144,000 of his real Christians will be called. So before we get ahead of ourselves and start pointing fingers at who’s a real Christian and who isn’t, let’s get into what that requires shall we…….

I) THE DIET- The BIBLE speaks out against eating the following…. Pork, bottom feeding fish and sea creatures (Google it), beef & chicken. The diet was supposed to be of his selection, which is naturally a vegan nutritional diet. This is the diet of his chosen people, the same people that was supposed to spread this diet to the other continents of the world. And by chosen people, I don’t just mean the JEWS… I’ll get into that in a bit.

II) THE WORD- The BIBLE speaks on many commandments but only 10 have been mentioned more than the rest. The Sabbath day was changed for some reason and the sermons are watered down with more personal glorification than the actual words of the BIBLE itself. But real talk…. By the BIBLE being the bestselling book of all time doesn’t it strike you as uncomfortably odd that the majority of people haven’t really read it but keep it in their house as like a glade plug in to protect their home from evil smells or something. How can a book be an infinite lifetime best seller and hardly anybody knows what the book really talks about? It’s take on homosexuality. It’s take on bestiality. It’s preparation of certain sins that can and will alter your mind and make you do things against what you were created for. Its stories and accounts of people in the past that went through the same trials and tribulations we all face today. Its prophetic warnings of things to come. It’s take on how to worship and what to worship. It’s take on who is supposed to teach the words of this book…. But like I said, I’ll get into that in a minute.

III) THE HISTORY- There was a tale that was told in Exodus that has been told in so many fashions it will make your head spin. Now it is true that GOD used Moses to free his chosen people from Egypt, but to simply just classify that his chosen people were just the Jews is inaccurate. There are initially 13 tribes of his chosen people that were slaves to Egypt. Those thirteen tribes came in light colors as well as darker colors (I told you I would get into it didn’t I?). That’s right black people the BIBLE speaks specifically on you too! The funny thing is that the BIBLE knows our race better than we do and also goes as far as to predict our behavior towards different influences in society from us as well as their negative influence on us. Don’t believe me?!?! Read it for yourself!!! OH WAIT!!! It speaks on that too!! We won’t read the BIBLE from cover to cover because we were offered that chance before and we did the exact same thing we do today. We focused on what commandments work for us. That’s how we lost the Promised Land and had to suffer many lifetimes of slavery and hardships because of our arrogance. We are supposed to be the teachers of the BIBLE and still to this day we refuse to do our job. I know it sounds messed up but I’ve read this in the same BIBLE you got sitting on your nite stand, waiting for something to happen. It’s right there if you don’t want to believe it. Prove me wrong….

IV) THE AFTERMATH- There was this saying that;

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist”

But in my opinion the greatest trick he ever really pulled was to convince the world that you could recite every chapter of the TWILIGHT series, you could throw more reading sessions for Harry Potter’s adventures and even show more interest in the material shared in Oprah’s book club without ever feeling the need to know everything about what is expressed in the BIBLE. A preacher on Sunday takes a passage out of the book, repeats it at least three times and then talks about himself and others. Is he teaching you? Is he preparing you? NO… The only reason they do that is to rile you up to keep spending money. If you demand the truth than the truth you shall receive. And only in that demand shall everyone truly be redeemed. Now if that’s not for you, then fine. That is your choice. The BIBLE says to speak its words only and if they choose not to believe in it, so be it. But whosoever will, let them come. So what really grinds my gears? Is it the fact that everything I’ve written for ya’ll in this note will most likely go unnoticed? No… It says that in the BIBLE. Is it that I believe this will be my most ignored even if it is my most honest adaptation of what has been already written in one of the most universally popular, controversial and debated books of all time? Nope. Maybe it’s because after this is finished the world may remain the same and people will look at this false prophet as a symbol of what is wrong with believing in GOD. Maybe it’s the world taking comfort in the idea that the majority does not care where they go when they die or their faith, yet continue to maintain how loyally die hard they are to their friends and families. If this is it for us, and the rapture did happen then my fear would be toward whether my daughter would be called home or not. Simply, because after the rapture there is no survival. It is said we all will be judged regardless of what we believe. No courthouse, no jury, no Johnnie Cochran, no appeals. Just an individual heaven or hell sentence for everyone and that’s it. Is that a truth you’re ready to face? And if you’re not right now… Then when?

Written By: Larry D. Williams II


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