WGMG IX: Young Money… Doesn’t Mean its Good Money


March 24, 2013 at 12:01am

It’s Only Entertainment Till Somebody Gets Hurt – People flock to drama like flies to shit. That’s why there are so many immature ass rich folks acting a fool on the internet over nothing. If I told you that I think Lil’ Wayne has lost a significant set of steps in his lyrical ability since his prison stint, would you call me a hater? Why? Is it because you don’t genuinely agree with me or were you also were signed to Young Money/Cash Money records recently and have to stick up for the lil’ boss? I don’t even know why I’m talking about him anyway. Maybe it’s because of that whole Miami Heat rant where he claimed to be f*****g Chris Bosh’s wife. (Lord only knows who is if Chris isn’t… And we all know HE AIN’T) Even if you did, why would that bring you any props? Like Chris Bosh could prevent his wife from sleeping with an actual heterosexual person. He’s an easy target; if you did it was probably a favor for him just to watch. But, the real issues with this story is that this all comes from him being asked to leave a Heat game for talking sh*t to Dwayne Wade about how he don’t “f*** with me, so I won’t f*** with them”. Not everyone will be a Weezy F. Baby aka TunchiTunichiWhatever, f*** you fan in their lifetime, mainly, because you guys are looking like the biggest mix of sexually and morally confused douche bags hip hop has ever seen under one company since Murder Inc. (forgot about that, huh) He’s kissing on Stevie J and Drake in the club, spazzing out on the defending champs for not showing him any love even though he isn’t even a Heat fan. Charlemagne Tha God  was right rappers act like such groupies sometimes it’s embarrassing to the culture. Rappers that rap about being in to street sh*t, but then go on Twitter to throw shade at non-rappers and cameramen that can only see over you (Short ass). Grow a set and get over it, people!!!


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